YAY Driver Launches App to Simplify Reaching Places

DALLAS, TEXAS – 09-25-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — YAYDriver Inc. has just launched the App with the same name with the aim of providing drivers and customers a fair deal on all sides. The App is the way to get access to easy transport for different purposes and occasions with high-quality services and fair pricing too.

It is a network system of drivers of a host of transportations ranging from taxis, private taxis to stretch limos and SUVS, from 4-passenger golf-carts to limo buses and airport shuttles. YAYDriver is looking to provide full professional services with care and of optimal quality. As a network of drivers that have a good understanding of the transport industry, it promises realistic services to its clients.

The nationwide App currently provides services in the Dallas area and is soon set to extend it to Sarasota. Its services are meant to counter the disadvantages that exist in the rideshare companies that away from anything between 35% to 80% of the total income. Here, drivers get to enroll themselves directly with their personal details and those of the vehicle. Drivers are promised 100% control of their business and the fare that they receive.

To foolproof the safety and security of clients, drivers are required to go through background checks and give proof of vehicles in good conditions. There are two types of services that the company is set to offer to its customers – one is the Basic Service and the other Basic X Service. In the case of the former, YAYDriver Inc. takes responsibility of the drivers and the vehicles that they send to customers. For Basic X, on the other hand, the rates are left competitive but the company does not take any responsibility for the driver or the vehicle that the customer hires. 

The App can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and steps are self-explanatory. There is also the option to sign in using Google Plus or Facebook accounts making the process faster and simpler. There are options for both riders and drivers to opt for their respective preferences. While riders only have to set destination, select the service and request a ride, for drivers, they need to upload the necessary information to become an authorized YAYDriver. 

Download App For Drivers

Download App For Riders

About the Company: 

YAYDriver Inc. has been incorporated in 2018 to help both
drivers and riders maximum benefits for a host of transportations needs. The
company has launched the App bearing the same name that can be downloaded
and used by both drivers and riders. For drivers it is a networking
opportunity to retain 100% of their earnings in the form of the fare that
they receive. In the case of riders, they get a host of transportation
services ranging from taxis and limos to 4-person golf cart with verified
drivers, safe and insured vehicles.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: YAYDriver Inc.
Full Name: Slavic Drozdyuk
Phone: 772 888-0884
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://www.yaydriver.com/

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