Wrapmate Launches Public Beta Nationwide to Help Businesses Rethink How They Advertise

Wrapmate creates instant, automated vehicle wrap designs for any business

DENVER, CO – 08-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Most businesses have a limited marketing budget and are unsure where to allocate their spend to achieve the strongest results. Wrapmate is a technology company on a mission to solve that very problem by creating free design content for one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies – vehicle wraps. Using proprietary systems, Wrapmate generates vehicle wrap designs for businesses of all shapes and sizes based on their website alone.

Vehicle wraps provide the lowest cost per impression (CPM) out of any other marketing strategy out there. However, most companies have no idea about how much of a game changer one single wrap can be for their business. Wrapmate is here to change that. “We spoke with countless business owners and found that 99% of them had no idea about the value of vehicle wraps, yet they are the most cost-efficient marketing strategy to execute. We knew we had to offer a simple online tool for any company to create their own instantly,” says Founder Chris Loar.

Wrapmate’s technology also takes a process that was once costly and time consuming, making it instant and seamless. Traditionally, if businesses want to wrap their car, they need to spend money and wait hours for design mockups to be created prior to even committing to a purchase. Wrapmate’s solution allows business owners to do this for free with two simple clicks, the way it should be. Now any business can automatically generate a 3D model wrap design specific to their branding using Wrapmate’s interactive design tool. Business owners interested in getting a design wrapped on their own vehicle can easily get connected with a Wrapmate Pro print partner to make it a reality, all managed effortlessly through the Wrapmate platform.

For more information about Wrapmate, and to create your own vehicle wrap design, visit wrapmate.com.

About Wrapmate

Wrapmate is a technology company that creates automated, dynamic content for businesses on a one-to-one level, at scale. Started in 2017, Wrapmate has developed innovative systems and tools to generate unique vehicle wrap designs for companies across the country, creating a truly personalized experience for every individual business. Additionally, Wrapmate partners with the highest certified print shops in the US to help interested customers make their design a reality on their own vehicle.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Wrapmate
Full Name: Jeff Luery
Phone: 732-535-2319
Email Address: Send Email
Website: wrapmate.com

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