WowWee Secures Temporary Restraining Order Against Counterfeiters of its Award-Winning Fingerlings™ Toy Line

“WowWee operates under a Zero Tolerance Policy, and as such, is dedicated to protecting our customers and will continue to aggressively pursue counterfeiters manufacturing and selling unauthorized Fingerlings product,” said Richard Yanofsky, WowWee CEO. “We are so proud of this new toy line, and want to ensure our customers can buy with confidence, without fear of purchasing harmful or illegitimate items.”

Together, WowWee and its legal team, Epstein Drangel LLP, have designed and implemented a global anti-counterfeiting program through which they are expeditiously enforcing WowWee’s rights to the Fingerlings™ brand, characters, packaging and technology to the full extent of the law. As part of these efforts, WowWee has instituted customs education and training programs throughout the world, to provide officers with the latest information on the Fingerlings™ product line and how to identify fakes, as well as an in-depth analysis of health and safety issues associated with counterfeit products.

Hailed a top toy for the 2017 holiday season by the nation’s biggest retailers, Fingerlings™ are adorable, mini interactive pet robots that curl around your finger and come to life when you play, responding to sound, motion, and touch with over 40 animations. Visit for more information on Fingerlings™, including information on WowWee’s major retail partners.

To confirm the authenticity of Fingerlings™ products or report counterfeits to WowWee, WowWee encourages all consumers, wholesalers, and retailers to request help through WowWee’s Customer Support center here.


Founded in 1988, WowWee is a leading designer, developer, marketer and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and consumer entertainment products. The introduction of WowWee’s Robosapien™ robot in 2004 revolutionized the way people interact with robotic companions. One of the most popular entertainment robots in the world with global sales of more than 6 million units, the Robosapien robot was the first commercially available biomorphic robot – a fusion of technology and personality. MiP™ continues to be one of the world’s most popular consumer robots and the winner of more than 10 major Tech and Toy awards, including the Toy Industry Association’s TOTY award for Innovative Toy of the Year in 2015. With offices in Montreal, San Diego and Hong Kong, WowWee’s focus on the development of breakthrough consumer technologies continues to forge new categories in personal robotics and entertainment with its imaginative, innovative, award-winning gadgets and toys. Please visit


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