World-first SEFtoken™ Digital Security Offering provides Investors Access to Licenced Exchange ready for expansion into a Regulated Digital Securities Market

DELAWARE – 01-28-2019 ( — January 25, 2019 — SEFtoken, Inc. has launched a Digital Security Offering and is the first ever corporation to issue a compliant digital security with “covered warrant” structure – a unique method which paves the way for asset owners around the world to issue compliant U.S. digital securities.

“Through our SEFtoken™ structure, we are committed to providing investors with what they are demanding, namely transparent and compliant ownership of a credible asset. The SEFtoken™ digitized security provides the holder with access to equity in a globally accessible, operating, licenced exchange”, said Brian Price, Director of SEFtoken, Inc.

“Many projects we see for trading of digital securities are not exchanges, but rather broker dealer trading facilities that offer a self-regulated bilateral “eBay style” match between two known counterparties”, Mr. Price continued, “the exchange underpinning the SEFtoken™ has centralized matching with transparency of pricing and volume, full compliance, monitoring and surveillance teams and experience with regulators.  All the necessary prerequisites for liquidity in markets and investor protection”.

“The crypto community started as an alternative to the traditional finance world. Unless the community keeps working together to create safe marketplaces for the newly formed digital securities, the global super exchanges will take the space. SEFtoken™ provides investors an opportunity to own 47% of a properly capitalized exchange that’s positioned, subject to regulatory approval, to expand into a DLT-based digital securities market in the Asian time zone”.

SEFtoken’s level of disclosure, compliance and transparent process provides a new, high standard for digital securities offerings.

The offering is available only to accredited investors and the offering must be viewed with the Memorandum Offering, Whitepaper and STPA which can be accessed at

Media contact: [email protected]

For additional details please refer to SEFtoken’s Media Portal, which includes the Whitepaper and Memorandum Offering for media access.

About SEFtoken, Inc. 

SEFtoken, Inc. is a Delaware incorporated company that has originated a tokenized security warrant that entitles token holders to a direct investment in a fully regulated, licensed, exchange infrastructure.

SEFtoken™ is a fully regulated U.S. security, not an ICO or utility token. SEFtokens provide access to full equity in a globally accessible, operating, licenced exchange.

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Media Contacts:

Company Name: SEFtoken, Inc.
Full Name: Anthony Waller
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