With The Successful Conclusion of 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference It is Shown that Artificial Intelligence Is Developing at an Amazing Speed

During the two days of the 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference – The Global Mobile Developers Conference and AI Summit Forum, showcased a variety of speeches, scientific information, cutting-edge technologies related to AI. This also gave a strong insight into people’s vision of future life. The grand event is becoming a window for the world to see new innovation and development opportunities in Guangzhou.

A “Brain Storm” of Artificial Intelligence

The theme of this conference is “Meet Future Here!” During the conference 30 themes including the medical industry, information education, industrial design, financial technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, paid knowledge and content entrepreneurship, the sports industry, internet +, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence + manufacturing, the upgrading of consumption and enterprise services were displayed. The event predicted the development trend and blueprint of artificial intelligence for us and showed the fascinating characteristics of AI.

In addition, there was also a VR Multi-Player Experience Zone and a Cutting-Edge Technological Products Display Zone of artificial intelligence in the conference site, so that visitors can have close access to experience the black technology and feel the influence of artificially intelligent technology and products on ordinary work and life.

At the main forum, business leaders and world renowned scholars shared their insights on artificial intelligence, including Hugo Shong, the Global Chairman of IDG Capital Partners; Zhang Jianwei, Director of Multimodal Technology Institute of the Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg in Germany, and academician of Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, Germany; Piero Scaruffi, founder of Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in United States and founder and full-time mentor of the special training camp; Peter Marx, Vice President of senior project of Digital Department of GE in United States; James Shen, Global Vice President of Qualcomm and General Manager of Qualcomm Ventures, China; Wang Pei, Associate Professor of Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University, US; Joe Weinman, the father of “Cloudonomics” and new economy strategist; Wang Jianya, President of Nokia Bell; Cui Baoqiu, Chief Architect of MI Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform; Bruce Bateman, CTO of Lite-On Technology Corporation; Todd Rufo, Director of Economic and Labor Development Bureau of San Francisco; Wang Yang, President of Cybernaut; Chen Yongzheng, Vice President of Hon Hai Group; Xu Yong, founder and CEO of AC Accelerator.

At 13 parallel forums, over one hundred business leaders and top academics delivered more than 50 outstanding keynote speeches. More than 10 round tables were involved in debates and information exchanges, via brainstorming. These topics brought together popular topics and the latest industrial trends, giving enlightenment and informative talks to the audience. In the round table dialogues, the participants expressed their views freely and discussed the application status and development prospects of artificial intelligence in various fields.

The conference gathered numerous excellent celebrities in the era of artificial intelligence, and talked about most of the hottest topics in this field, thus keeping the “Less – To – More” mode was on throughout the conference. According to the organizers, the guest speakers and the audiences were respectively increased by 20% and 12% compared to last year. The audiences came from many different cities of China, and some of them even came from Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Tibet, Xinjiang. It was reported that 32% of the attendees were engaged in software and information technology industry, 17% from the financial industry, 11% from scientific research and technical services and 40% from education, culture, sports and other industries. It was clear it was a veritable crossover technology event. At the most popular Artificial Intelligence + Industrial Design session, there were eventually more than 800 audiences crowded in a 300-square-meter meeting room.

Let Artificial Intelligence Help Guangzhou Create the Future

As the host city of the conference, Guangzhou is sparing no effort to become a developed city of the artificial intelligence industry. It is focusing on the implementation of strategy – emerging industries ‘IAB‘ (refers to the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and biological medicine industries) plan, which shows its determination and confidence to keep up with the trend of developing artificial intelligence industry.

At the main forum on Oct. 12th, Zhang Jianwei, Director of Multimodal Technology Institute of the Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg in Germany, and academician of Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, Germany, expressed that Guangzhou has entered into a changing phase of high technology. By grasping the opportunity of upgrading and transforming the artificial intelligence industry, Guangzhou will promote the advantages of comprehensive traditional industries and good foundation of industries. By combining these strengths with artificial intelligence, internet of things, robots, to conduct industrial upgrading and innovation cooperation, Guangzhou is expected to arrive at the forefront in the high and new technology industry in China.

At the same time, Guangzhou government fully supports the development of artificial intelligence industry. At the conference, Wen Guowei, mayor of Guangzhou, delivered a warm speech at the main forum, on behalf of Ren Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee. He said, the success of Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference embodies the strong policy appeal of innovation-driven development strategy and the strategy of strengthening the country with science and technology of the China central government and the State Council.

The conference also shows the influence of IDG capital and other star enterprises as the host, as well as revealing the innovation and entrepreneurial displays of the government, enterprises, business elites and the science and technology masters. Guangzhou is striving to enter into strategic emerging industries including the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and biomedicine and build a market-oriented international legal business environment. With unlimited business opportunities and potential, Guangzhou is willing to join the elites of all countries to seize opportunities, strengthen cooperation, share resources and create a better future.

At the 2017 Guangzhou Think-tank Closed-door Meeting on Oct. 12th, Mayor Wen Guowei conferred “Engagement Letter of Senior Advisor of Scientific and Technological Industry of Guangzhou Municipal Government” to more than 10 experts including Piero Scaruffi, Joe Weinman, Peter Marx, Wang Jianya, Zhu Dongfang, Wang Yang, Cui Baoqiu, Wang Pei, Zhang Jianwei, Chen Zhenguo, Zhu Mingyue. On that evening, Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission and Economic and Labor Development Bureau of San Francisco held a signing ceremony of cooperation memorandum. The two sides agreed to carry out deep cooperation in information technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and exchange visits. A series of actions and measures show the strength and depth of Guangzhou’s efforts to develop the artificial intelligence industry.

The 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference was successfully concluded. However, the path of artificial intelligence in Guangzhou and even China will still be tough. The 2018 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference will be looked forward to greatly.


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