William Gilbert Lightner Opens New Animal Rescue Shelter

Press Release updated: Oct 24, 2017 12:38 EDT

Meet William Gilbert Lightner, the man from Marietta, Georgia, who dedicates his time saving domestic animals who happen to be in danger.

“Because of the warm climate in Georgia, most of the abandoned species of cats, dogs, and other animals find it hard to accommodate when no one takes care of them,” said William Gilbert Lightner.

After some hours of wandering around, the mission of Mr. William Gilbert was accomplished when he found three Labrador puppies that were searching for food next to some trash.

“Today I feel relieved,” he said, “sometimes I find puppies like this in the worst possible physical state or even dead. I keep four bottles of water in my car because most of the time, the poor creatures are extremely dehydrated. People really don’t care, especially people from Marietta. How could somebody leave them like this? I wonder how people would feel if they were left outside in the hot summer with no food or water for whole days,” continued Mr. Lightner.

When the evening came, the great-hearted man took us to his animal shelter — “Lightner’s Rescue Shelter.” We were welcomed by a two-month-old kitten who played around, looking for attention. “It’s hard; I have to do this in my spare time. I work as an audio engineer at my home studio. There are days when I have to leave my work because people call me saying that they found a dog at the corner of their street or something like that. I am like a local superhero of some sort,” told us, Mr. Lightner, as he started to chuckle.

Mr. Lightner’s passion for animals started at a young age. His parents gave him a puppy when he was seven years old. “It was the best gift that I could be given: a little Beagle. They knew I love Beagles. At that young age, I started to learn what responsibility really represented. I can say that I became a man. My father was a jazz player which meant that I had to play an instrument. I hated it but now that I look back, it might have been one of the best decisions my parents have made, along with the fact that they gave me a dog for my birthday. I started to develop a love for both music and animals. Of course, creativity was not my strongest feat, but my love for music evolved into audio engineering.”

Mr. Lightner still has pictures of his first dog, Murphy, at his home. “He meant the world to me. I remember how depressed I was when he was no longer around.”

After a successful career as an audio engineer, working with local musicians from Marietta and around, the animal lover knew that he has a higher purpose to achieve. “My girlfriend has two cats. We just finished the dinner at her place when we couldn’t find one of her cats, Sayan. I didn’t give it a second thought, so I told her to get in my truck, and we started to search for the feline. After two hours of driving in circles, we found the cat in the living room, confused. She must have seen places because this cat seemed to be eaten by the earth itself.”

William Gilbert told us that the whole experience gave him a feeling like he never felt before. He felt like he did something helpful because his girlfriend was extremely relieved when they found Sayan. “The relief I felt when we found Sayan was inexplicable. This is why, after that experience, I started to think about opening an animal shelter — where unfortunate animals don’t have people to take care of them, unlike Sayan.”

We wish good luck to William Gilbert Lightner for his noble deed.

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