Why Small Businesses Should Care Less About Their Niches

NEW YORK, NY – 01-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Pick up any business magazine, talk to any business expert and you will quickly hear about defining your niche. The idea of the niche has been all the buzz the last few years.

What is a niche?

Simply put, a niche is a hyper-focused segment of your ideal audience that should be easy to convert. Niches are based on statistics more than anything else.

Twenty-year branding expert, Ali Craig, says that these business gurus touting the niche have it all wrong. In her January 2018 article “The Power of Defining Your Brand” (https://empiher.press/brandpower) originally published in EmpiHER™ magazine (http://empiher.co ) Craig says, “Niches are the wrong branding approach because they focus more on WHO the brands serve that the brand forgets to define HOW they serve.”

Craig bucks the niche loving business mindset by stating that for brands to succeed they have to define the type of brand that they are before their audience does. Just as Walmart has defined itself as the “low price leader” and Neiman Marcus a “highly curated collection” – entrepreneurs should choose the methods and experiences they want to share with their audiences. Because if they don’t the audience will and in the end the brands will hate their businesses.  

Craig says, “ When you define your brand you set the limits. You set the quality level. You set the tone. You set the experience. You set the level of intimacy. You decide what you want. And by deciding factors like these, your niche naturally gets defined.” By being definition focused first, businesses end up with stronger brands that create more desirable experiences as well as a natural niche in the end anyway.

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