Well Known Locksmith in San Diego Announces New Mobile Locksmith Services

San Diego, CA — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 10/25/2017 — Prestige Locksmith of San Diego formally announces the launch of their mobile locksmith services. These new mobile locksmith services will help both cars, suvs and property owners overcome every lock and security related issue in San Diego.

For most people, there’s nothing worse then losing their car keys and getting locked out of their Own car. Just as bad is getting the key stuck in the car ignition and not being able to start the car. In such situations, it would really help if one could have a replacement car key close by, in an easily accessible spot. It has been found that getting the replacement key from the dealer is the most expensive thing to do in such a situation.

Prestige Locksmith is one of the leading automotive locksmith service providers around the San Diego region. Prestige Locksmith has launched a new mobile car key replacement service.

“Whenever a client or prospect demands for this service, we will send our technicians down in few minutes of calling to help our customers that need their car keys replaced in our locksmith vans. You can expect us to arrive your location in a very short time”. Shy Lavy owner of Prestige Locksmith said in an interview.

“We have also invested in specialized fully equipped mobile locksmith vans, which enables us to get to our clients as short as 15 – 30 mints after receiving a call. We carry everything we need, all the locksmith tools or specialized equipment needed to cut or to program the keys in the van itself. Our locksmith techs are fully capable of cutting or programming keys in location. So, you Should expect to get the best from our technician’s if you are anywhere around San Diego”. Mr. Lavy concluded.

For interested parties that would like to learn more about Prestige Locksmith they are urged to visit their website at http://sandiegocitylocksmith.com.

For Media Contact:
Company: Prestige Locksmith
Address: 3342 Kettner Bivd,
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 858-353-7430
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://sandiegocitylocksmith.com

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