WEGO Health Launches Virtual Patient Collaboration Platform in Partnership with The Inception Company

NEW YORK – 03-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — “Patient Co-Lab” Enables Life Sciences Companies to Host Live, Interactive Patient Summits with Advocates and Thought Leaders Across Hundreds of Health Conditions

WEGO Health, the premiere network of patient opinion leaders and health influencers, and The Inception Company, a technology-driven production company, today announced the launch of “Patient Co-Lab,” an industry-first turnkey solution designed to support virtual patient summits that foster real-time collaboration between life sciences companies and patient leaders representing hundreds of chronic, complex and rare diseases. 

The announcement coincided with the opening of ePharma Impact, a three-day digital marketing conference in New York City for digital innovators in the biopharma industry. 

WEGO Health’s Patient Co-Lab is powered by PandoTM, The Inception Company’s innovative video-technology meeting platform. Led by experienced production staff from the PandoTM studio in New Jersey, Patient Co-Lab features an expansive, configurable digital video wall that can present up to 60 wall participants remotely and as many as five thousand off-wall participants and observers anywhere in the world. 

An in-studio expert moderator or team of patient leaders collaborate with participants who appear live on the Pandorama video wall from their remote locations. Wall participants are featured prominently and can interact with the moderator(s), visual content or other panelists. Observers can join via computer or iPad from their home or office, with engagement facilitated through interactive response and survey tools. 

“Virtual patient summits are a big leap forward for life sciences companies that get the value of patient-centered innovation, and yet have been stymied by logistical and budget constraints,” said WEGO Health’s Vice President of Sponsor Programs, Kristen Hartman. “It’s also a long-awaited breakthrough for patient leaders with complex health conditions, for whom long-distance travel and time away from home present unique and formidable challenges.”

“The notion of a Patient Co-Lab that facilitates face-to-face collaboration and the convenience of virtual connectivity is the perfect application of the PandoTM platform,” said Matt Giegerich, CEO, The Inception Company. “PandoTM provides WEGO Health’s sponsors and patient leaders a depth of discussion and real-time interaction that is nearly impossible to achieve with standard web and video solutions.”

For more information about the WEGO Health Patient Co-Lab, please contact Laurel Netolicky, VP of Business Development, at 305-619-0480 or [email protected]

For more information about the Pando platform, contact Matt Giegerich, CEO, The Inception Company, at 973-840-1800 or [email protected].

About WEGO Health
WEGO Health combines the power of consumer insights and patient-driven content with the science of influencer-driven marketing to deliver unparalleled ROI for the world’s most innovative life sciences companies. Founded in 2007, WEGO Health facilitates collaboration between healthcare companies and a network of more than 100,000 patient advocates, thought leaders and influencers across virtually every health condition. For more information, visit www.wegohealth.com.

About The Inception Company
The Inception Company is a technology-driven production company that builds engagement products and services to help our clients reach and connect more fully with their stakeholders, including virtual meeting platforms, broadcast, video, and meeting services solutions. Our newest innovation, Pando, was developed in response to clients’ needs for a virtual meeting platform that delivered superior engagement and collaboration.  Combining a studio crew, 40-foot video wall, in-person moderator or moderators, and seamless onboarding support by live Helpdesk staff, Pando is a fully-produced event that delivers the experience and impact of a live meeting.  Independently held, Inception Companies are headquartered in Fairfield NJ, with additional offices in New York NY, Blue Bell PA and San Francisco CA. For more information, visit www.pandomeetings.com

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Website: wegohealth.com

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