VivifyScrum Launches Android and iOS Apps

United States, Utah, Salt Lake City – 04-24-2019 ( — VivifyScrum, an agile project management solution is now available as an Android and iOS app. The eponymous company behind the tool has released an app that will allow its users to collaborate and manage their projects on the go.

VivifyScrum app is envisioned as an extension of the desktop and web app, allowing team members to stay in the loop when they are on the move.The VivifyScrum app lets teams manage their Product Backlogs and ongoing Sprints on their phones, as well as create and modify tasks (complete with assigning different labels and performers). Teams can also invite new people on their boards with different kinds of permissions. This way, stakeholders can check the progress of the work on the go.Goran Prijic, CEO of the company explained the idea of the VivifyScrum app as an extension of the desktop tool, “We understand the need of our users to keep tabs on their projects when they are out of the office. We know (and hope) that the most of the work still happens at the office, but there are also situations when people may need to access their boards on their phones, especially with distributed teams that work across different time zones.”He also pointed out that the app is meant to support creativity in teams that use it, “Another reason why we wanted to develop the app is that you never know when a good idea or solution might strike you. Now, you can create a task immediately and not worry about forgetting about your idea.”This release is only the beginning of the VivifyScrum mobile story as the company plans on adding new features to the app continuously. CTO of VivifyScrum, Milos Janjic explained this approach, “We are an agile company with an agile product. We want to hear from our users as they start to use the new app and come to us with our feedback. At the moment, we are planning to add the different features that our web app already has, such as time tracking and team management, but who knows? Maybe our users will have more ideas.”VivifyScrum app is available on Google Play and App Store.

About VivifyScrum

VivifyScrum is a project management tool with agile roots. It is equally suitable for small teams and large organizations that work on complex projects with multiple teams. It is a one-stop shop for all project management needs.

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