Vioby Announces New Automated Optimization Product for E-Commerce Search Marketers

New integration with SEM platforms delivers additional improvements in shopper experienceBOSTON, MA – 09-12-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Vioby, developer of the first marketing automation product that determines the most relevant landing page for every keyword, today announced an advanced version of its LinkDirector products. Newly added integration with search engine marketing (SEM) platforms adds a faster user experience and simplified deployment to LinkDirector’s improved conversion rate and other benefits.

Leading e-commerce search advertisers have been using Vioby’s innovative LinkDirector to automatically determine the optimal webpage destination for their shoppers who click on their Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini ads, seeing conversion rate performance gains of 20% to 30%.

Now, clients using SEM platforms including DoubleClick Search can use LinkDirector to directly update the Destination URL (i.e., Final URL) through the SEM platform to each search engine. By integrating with the SEM platform, no additional redirect after the ad click is required, thus reducing page load time for shoppers.

“By integrating with the SEM platform, we have further simplified our product while increasing the benefit to our clients,” said Alec Belfer, CEO of Vioby. “Managing the Destination URLs of up to several million keywords is a task well suited for automation – and this integration helps our clients deliver a even better experience to their shoppers and drive revenues, all while reducing their own campaign management effort.”

Search advertising marketers create their advertising campaigns with a high number of keywords to match the large variety of search queries of their shoppers. Using AI technology with knowledge of the e-commerce website, catalog and shoppers, Vioby algorithms automatically determine the most relevant Destination URL for each keyword. Using machine learning to continually analyze the website for changes, the destinations stay up to date with clients’ specials, sales, seasonal, inventory and other website changes.

About Vioby

Vioby develops solutions for retailers and brands that extend the personalized shopper experience to the SEM touchpoint – improving engagement, conversion and user satisfaction. The Vioby LinkDirector™ marketing technology automates and personalizes each paid-search shopper’s journey to the most appropriate, relevant content on the e-commerce website, using AI algorithms with semantic understanding and machine learning. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter: @ViobyMarketing.

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