Video Report: Is Vitality Biopharma’s THC Prodrug A Best-In-Class Option To Treat IBD, NBS, and Crohn’s Disease?

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Vitality Biopharma (OTC: VBIO) had a volatile two weeks of trading. However, with the stock showing increasing levels of liquidity and with the price apparently finding a floor at current levels, the bullish optimism for investment in VBIO is returning. And, as noted through the FDA’s recent drug approval for GW Pharma’s epilepsy CBD drug, Epidiolex,VBIO too sits in an excellent position to attract attention for its prodrug technology to treat debilitating conditions including Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Narcotic Bowel Syndrome, where approvals may get expedited.Following behind the success by GWPH, investors are also looking to Vitality Biopharma as a second potential near-term cannabinoid drug provider having overcome significant barriers to entry in the field by already securing DEA site approval and working with the FDA to complete the final requisites to file for new drug approvals.VBIO Prodrug Looking To Tackle IBD And NBS MarketAlthough a tremendous amount of time and money has been spent trying to find a reliable and effective treatment to lessen the debilitating effects of IBD and NBS, there has been little success in finding a remedy to battle the often excruciating pain associated with each condition. Moreover, the lack of finding a therapy capable of providing a sustained measure of relief by any company over the past decade makes the VBIO opportunity even more timely as they are not only finding clinical success in their cannabinoid prodrug treatments but are also on the verge of filling an unmet medical need.And, despite the years of research by conventional pharmaceutical companies the end result of treatment often results in the prescribing of opiates and steroids, both of which can cause a new set of medical and health complications. But, as it stands, there is little choice for physicians to treat the actual disease, which makes them use alternative medications to address only the symptoms for compassionate treatment. Thus, with patients subjected to long-term symptoms that include insufferable abdominal pain, infection, bloody stools, and severe joint pain, VBIO may be the best-positioned company to not only take advantage of the current FDA’s posture to approve cannabinoid drugs, but to provide a meaningful and effective new treatment option for IBD, NBS, and Crohn’s Disease.VBIO In Same Approval Path As GW Pharma And Arena PharmaceuticalsTwo companies have already blazed a path for VBIO to follow, GW Pharma (NasdaqGM: GWPH) and Arena Pharmaceuticals (NasdaqGS: ARNA). But, while GWPH is bringing a high valuation based on its CBD seizure drug, Epidiolex, VBIO is taking a different approach to how cannabinoid-based therapy gets delivered to the patient by developing novel cannabinoid prodrugs that can harness the power of THC’s therapeutic properties without inducing any psychoactivity. Now, as VBIO progresses through its clinical trials, they are showing that the novel compounds in THC and cannabinoid’s may indeed provide the efficacy standard needed to successfully treat both Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Narcotic Bowel Syndrome (NBS). And, while VBIO is producing strong results in the clinic, it’s the VBIO prodrug technology that may allow the company to become a breakthrough cannabinoid pharmaceutical developer.VBIO’s VBX-100 And VBX-210 PipelineVitality Biopharma has been active in the clinic, advancing its lead clinical pipeline candidates, VBX-100, and VBX-210, in ongoing trials to assess the value of its cannabinoid formulations. To date, results are encouraging and demonstrate that VBIO’s cannabinoid prodrug treatments can effectively ease symptoms associated with IBD and NBS, and more importantly, target and treat the underlying causes. If successful, VBIO is hoping to capture a substantial portion of a market where an estimated 81% of current opiate users have functional bowel disorders and more than 58% of patients struggle with chronic abdominal pain. Moreover, the market opportunity grows even more, with a considerable percentage of patients getting treated with opiates having the potential to develop NBS as an additional complication to the standard of care treatments. Hence, with VBIO showing its ability to develop effective treatments, they will not only fill the need in an extremely lucrative market, but can help thousands of patients and lessen the physical and emotional pain suffered by patients, families, and friends. Notably, patients are also voicing concerns about having only a “band-aid” solution to their chronic ailment, and they want and need more than just temporary symptom relief which in many cases can lead to long-term opiate addiction problems. And, with the political climate intent on curbing opiate use and abuse, it may be likely that many patients currently getting prescribed opiates to treat IBD and NBS may soon be denied long-term prescriptions. Thus, as the government exerts its influence into how a patient should get treated, options may quickly tighten for treating physicians to prescribe opiates, making CBD, THC, and cannabinoid prodrug options a compelling alternative for patients.That shift in treatment is making VBIO valuable.Success In The Clinic Makes VBIO Attractive NowInvestors should consider VBIO as an investment opportunity that can deliver long-term value on two levels. First, Vitality Biopharma is advancing its trails that can prove its ability to serve as a viable contributor to the medical cannabinoid sector. Second, rather than diluting shareholder and company IP value, VBIO is funding its clinical trials independently, conducting their own research, and developing cannabinoid products that are showing the ability to provide significant therapeutic benefit over existing treatments and products marketed by competing pharmaceutical companies. Thus, rather than partner quickly and dilute potential windfalls, VBIO is keeping its trials in-house to increase the value of future potential licensing and partnership opportunities.And, that decision may prove to be wise. With both legislative and FDA barriers becoming less restrictive, the appetite for innovative companies and manufacturers that are utilizing cannabinoid compounds are commanding high valuations. To prove that point, one of VBIO’s competitors – GW Pharma (GWPH), currently holds a market cap of roughly $4.6 billion, most of which can be attributed to its recent FDA approval of Epidiolex. The takeaway here though is that GWPH only recorded $14.2 million in 9-month revenues, along with a loss of more than $180 million during the same period. That robust market-cap proves that investors are willing to invest in the blue-sky potential of emerging cannabinoid and CBD drug companies that can provide exposure to this emerging and proven trend in the medical drug sector. And, at current price levels, VBIO is getting overlooked.VBIO is proving in its trials that cannabinoid therapy is not only a compelling treatment alternative but that they are also strategically positioned to exploit the opportunities in the multi-billion dollar sector. The value in VBIO is enriched further by its core IP portfolio covering a novel class of prodrugs that also include more than 20 patent applications. Combining the sum of the parts, for those investors looking for undervalued exposure into the cannabinoid drug sector, Vitality Biopharma (VBIO) may serve as a prime investment opportunity in a company whose unique THC prodrug treatments could position them to fill an essential niche in what is already a multi-billion dollar market for IBD therapeutics.

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