VendorGo Mobile Application for Google Android and Apple iOS with Constellation Central portal simplifies construction communication


A Unified Solution for Vendors to Simplify Construction Communication

VendorGo will make a vendor’s workload much easier to manage – Shawn Knowles, Technical Program Manager

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, a provider of software solutions for home builders and developers, is excited to announce two important new software tools that are immediately available to early adopter customers. The Constellation Central web interface and VendorGo mobile app work together to simplify construction communication between builders and vendors.

Constellation Central is a web-based portal that connects builders with their customers, suppliers, and trades. Leveraging information in leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like NEWSTAR Enterprise, FAST, BuildTopia, HomeDev Pro, and other Constellation systems, vendors can use it to consolidate information from all their builders.

Available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, VendorGo allows vendors and suppliers to access their own Constellation Central accounts and creates combined schedules of jobs with all their builders. Convenient views show daily, weekly and overdue work at a glance. The app displays schedules, purchase orders, construction variances, sales selections, colors, warranty work orders, photos, documents, maps, and payment information.

“VendorGo will make a vendor’s workload much easier to manage,” says Shawn Knowles, Technical Program Manager at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “It simplifies the job of tracking different pieces of work within multiple projects by helping the vendor sort and set priorities.”

In addition to the search and alert functions, vendors can add notes and photos and use task-based messaging to discuss details with builders.

“The app can help vendors quickly get real-time information from builders, and save money with fewer errors and wasted effort,” says Jeremy Halbert, Director of Application Development at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “For example, they can search by location and cover off items located close to each other without making multiple trips.”

VendorGo works online or offline, and when cellular data or Wi-Fi are not available, information entered into VendorGo and Constellation Central will synchronize once the user is back online using Constellation’s patented mobile device integration technology.

For a pre-release demonstration of Constellation Central and VendorGo, please visit us online.

About Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the largest provider of software and services in the building industry. Their innovative software solutions, available as standalone or integrated systems, empower builders with information to drive business objectives and simplify the process of building homes and condos. Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the homebuilding software division of Constellation Software Inc., an international provider of market-leading software and services for specialized industries, which is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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Elmira Abushayeva, Director of Marketing, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, 888-723-2222,eabushayeva(at)constellationhb(dot)com

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