Vendor Neutral Continues Its Momentum to Closeout 2018.

BOCA RATON, FL – 12-18-2018 ( — The Vendor Neutral Certified 100™ Landscape is Rapidly Approaching 50 Certified Vendors and the First Certified Vendor Profiles Including BigTinCan, BrainShark, DataDwell, Docurated, Flipdeck, Highspot,, Mediafly, Membrain, Seismic, and TimeTrade Have Launched, Providing Buyers With a Clear Path Towards the Identification and Selection of Sales Technology Products and Solutions.

Boca Raton, FL – December, 18th 2018 — Vendor Neutral, LLC, the leader in B2B Sales Technology Selection Resources, today announced two major developmental milestones achieved in 2018 and the continued growth of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100™ landscape with the addition of the following new vendors;,, MindMatrix, OMG – Objective Management Group, and The Sales Bar.“The launch of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Vendor Profiles™ on our website, ensuring buyers have the information needed to make educated buying decisions, is a major milestone toward our goal to deliver the most comprehensive knowledgebase of sales tech and buying resources currently available”, said Dan Cilley Co-Founder, Vendor Neutral.“If you think selling B2B is difficult, just imagine what your B2B buyers go through! That’s why we are simplifying the selection process.” said, Nancy Nardin Co-Founder, Vendor Neutral.  “Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Vendor Profiles™ are like CliffsNotes™ because nobody has the time to research all of the technologies that are out there today”, said Kristy West, Founder of BraveSpace.“The Certified Profile™ of a vendor gives new depth to information about SalesTech solutions, and will enable the buyer to move beyond the results of their Vendor Neutral Preliminary SalesTech Assessment and have a tool to truly compare characteristics like: Customer Base, Industry Focus & Geography, Challenges Addressed, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Key Capabilities, AI/Machine Learning, Integrations, Partner/Channel, Customer Success/Support and Language Capabilities, aligning to their priorities, said Steve Wright who leads the Certification Program for Vendor Neutral.About Vendor Neutral
Vendor Neutral provides practical resources and advice to buyers, helping them through the SalesTech selection process. With Certified Profiles™, assessments, and more, Vendor Neutral supports an organization’s goal of Selling More, in Less time, at the Right Price, with Lower Costs. Vendor Neutral’s sole focus is to provide objective recommendations and clarity that clients know they can rely on. Vendor Neutral provides sensible advice that serves a buyer’s best interests while avoiding academic double-speak and marketing mumbo jumbo.
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