Upbeat Launches Taste-in-Music Mobile App on iOS

HOUSTON, TX – 10-16-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Upbeat Music, Inc. (“Upbeat”) today announced the launch of “Upbeat: Taste-in-Music App” on iOS. This is Upbeat’s first mobile app release following the release of a market test web application (www.getonupbeat.com) earlier this year to 2,000 fans. 


Upbeat is a digital music promotion platform and taste-in-music social network that learns each fan’s personal taste in music. For artists, Upbeat enables precise, targeted song promotions based on each fan’s taste in music. For fans, Upbeat makes personalized music recommendations in a new way—from “fans like you.”


Upbeat’s mission is to organize the world’s taste in music one fan at a time through a mobile app that offers unprecedented benefits for artists and fans. 


For artists, Upbeat will:

  • Enable targeted song promotions directly to fans based on taste in music
  • Provide song ratings data to inform and drive fan base growth
  • Add a verified badge to the Upbeat fan profile of each artist team member


For fans, Upbeat will:

  • Recommend new songs, artists, and “fans like you” daily based on your taste
  • Calculate taste-in-music match scores between you and other fans
  • Enable private song sharing and rating with friends and fans like you


“Streaming music is a 2-sided market where hundreds of thousands of artists are the suppliers and hundreds of millions of fans with wildly different musical tastes are the consumers,” says Ryan O’Leary, Upbeat’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We’ve created a system that organizes the world of music based on each fan’s taste in music. Fans get a fun, interactive taste-in-music social network, and artists get an effective, music-focused promotional platform with direct targeting to relevant fans based on their taste in music.” 


About Upbeat
Upbeat is a music promotion platform and taste-in-music social network that seeks to organize the world’s taste in music one fan at a time. Upbeat was founded by Ryan O’Leary, a recording artist and corporate strategy consultant, and Adriel Estrada, a technologist and product manager, after the two met in business school at The University of Texas. Upbeat is an artist-owned platform and will soon be seeking its first outside investment with a goal of raising primarily from artists and labels. Interested parties can contact Upbeat directly for more information.


Upbeat Teaser Video:

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Upbeat
Full Name: Ryan O’Leary
Phone: 7138291171
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://www.getonupbeat.com/

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