United Propane Autogas Group Announces New Leadership

United States, Pennsylvania, Hershey – 05-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — United Propane Autogas Solutions Group Announces New Leadership PRESS RELEASE May 20, 2019 Eastern Energy Expo 2019, Hershey Pennsylvania /– United Propane Autogas Solutions Group (UPAS) announces the appointment of Dudley Westlake as its new Executive Director.

UPAS unites Propane Autogas industry stakeholders by providing ‘One Stop Shopping” to make it easier for fleets to move to propane, an alternative fuel that not only significantly reduces vehicle emissions, it also lowers fuel costs compared to diesel or gasoline. It is an American resource that contributes to energy independence.

“I am excited about the opportunities to position Propane Autogas as the alternative fuel of choice for fleets that have directives to reduce their vehicle emissions and reduce the operating costs due to increases in low sulfur diesel and unleaded gasoline. Mr. Westlake will chair a panel discussion on May 21st, 2019 at the Eastern Expo “Propane Autogas: How to Grow Your Gallons Year Round” aimed at increasing awareness for what is needed to enjoy the benefits of fleet adoption of this clean burning economical fuel.

For fuel providers, it not only provides a year round income source – it lowers their operating costs by running their own vehicles on this “GO GREEN” fuel. With BSIE and MBA degrees with honors from Calif State Polytechnic University and over 30 years of global business development experience with rapidly growing public and private companies, Westlake was been appointed to this position by Albert Venezio, Chairman and Cofounder of ICOM North America, “I am confident that UPAS Group members, led by Dudley, will find that not only do member companies benefit from participation, the group’s efforts will help fleet members, large and small, nationwide – better understand the benefits of running vehicles on propane and EVERYONE will benefit from improved air quality!”

About UPAS Group:

UPAS is an ICOM Group Company, founded in 2015. UPAS serves propane fuel suppliers, fleet partners, autogas fuel system manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, autogas fuel station builders, autogas equipment suppliers, autogas system installation and service centers, and small engine manufacturers. Website: www.upasgroup.com Email: [email protected]

Media Contacts:

Company Name: United Propane Autogas Solutions Group/ ICOM
Full Name: Dudley Westlake
Phone: 7605187316
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.upasgroup.com

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