Under 100K Film Blueprint: Step-by-Step Guide and Video Workshop Covering Funding, Developing, Producing & Profitably Distributing Films & Documentaries Released by Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton

SANTA MONICA, CA – 09-07-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton, currently supporting more than 25,000 entertainment industry professionals through weekly events and workshops, has released her Under 100K Film Blueprint to support new and struggling independent filmmakers.  For full details and to get the solution, go to: http://nancyfultonmeetups.com/ultra-low-budget-film-workshop-online/

Topics covered include:

  • How to write or buy a good screenplay they can produce within their budget.
  • How to swiftly, accurately and usefully storyboard a feature film and documentary projects so they can significantly reduce production costs through stock footage, “found footage,” and other techniques.
  • How to cast a project with talented performers at prices they can afford and on terms they can live with while not breaking the law.
  • How to budget a project’s shoot days using breakdown sheets and day-out-of-day schedules.
  • How to find local, high value, locations to shoot at cheaply.
  • Acquiring a skilled camera and lighting crew on terms they can afford.
  • Setting up a production company, acquiring production, liability, and other insurance at rates they can afford.
  • Insuring they own the rights to the film they shoot so they can sell it to others.
  • How to guarantee release for a film on Amazon and possibly Hulu, Netflix, cable pay per view, etc.
  • How to sell the rights to their film overseas.
  • How to market a film swiftly and profitably to the people who want it most.
  • How to fund a project through credit, loans, investment and crowdfunding.
  • How to accept money from investors and how that changes costs.
  • Contract Law and Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals every producer needs to know.
  • Specific techniques for designing, developing, and producing a documentary swiftly.

Fulton currently offers many free and nearly free instructional videos for filmmakers at NancyFultonMeetups.com including:

  • Selling / Pre-Selling Your Film at AFM and Other Markets 
  • Producing & Selling Reality TV 
  • Working with a Professional Cinematographer w/ Brad Rushing 
  • What’s a Producer to Do: A Producer’s Task List 
  • Crowdfunding: How to Sell What Doesn’t Exist 
  • Literary Agent Megan Close Zavala Interview 
  • Introduction to Contract Fundamentals for Media Pros 
  • Raising Money Legally From Investors Using Regulation D & Regulation CF Exemptions (includes where to find investors)

Nancy Fulton says, “I’ve been actively running events and workshops filmmakers since 2009. I developed this workshop, a complete guide to producing an ultra low budget film or documentary, with the help of many experts.  I’ve worked hard to make this workshop the swiftest, most complete, best supported step-by-step training solution on the market for new and struggling filmmakers. Making a feature film or documentary is very serious business. There are great opportunities you can seize and just as many easy ways to make very expensive mistakes. This guide is designed to ensure you can make a movie swiftly, safely, and profitably. There’s no better instructional available to filmmakers particularly at this price.”  

About Nancy Fulton

Nancy Fulton is a Writer/Producer who has been profitably publishing and producing for more than twenty years. She currently support more than 25,000 entertainment industry professionals through highly rated events and workshops every week. Those interested in learning more about her work should visit www.NancyFultonMeetups.com.


Media Contacts:

Company Name: MarketM8
Full Name: Nancy Fulton
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.MarketM8.com

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