Un Nouveau Jour announces a multi-million dollar investment offer focusing on streaming services for the beauty salon industry

MACAU, CHINA – 11-13-2018 (PRDistribution.com) —  


Un Nouveau Jour announces a multi-million dollar investment offer focusing on streaming services for the beauty salon industry

Un Nouveau Jour, the privately held Chinese media investor, with television headquarters located in Paris, has announced that they have made a multi-million dollar offer to acquire majority shares in a start-up streaming service created exclusively for the beauty salon industry. 


The company, Syncretic Technologies, headed by CEO, scientist and beauty pioneer Philip Sambanidis, a transformatory figure in the haircare industry who for 33 years worked on the formulation teams for some of the highest-grossing products for Nexxus, Redken, Matrix Inc. and Jhirmack Enterprises Inc., has created a television divison that would own and operate a television network within the beauty salons in North America via a proprietary streaming service. 

According to Stefan Gerstmayer, CFO of Un Nouveau Jour – “Philip Sambanidis’ knowledge of the salon industry is second to none and his unique selling proposition to create a streaming service connected exclusively to the beauty salon industry really addressed a need in this billion dollar sector”

CEO Philip Sambanidis

Mr Sambanidis had the vision to recruit one of the top Hollywood television executives, Pat Andrew, as Chairman of the new streaming service. Andrew of Manhattan Beach, California is a former CEO of Wanda-Halcyon Television and former executive of both Spelling Entertainment and Hollywood studio icon, Sydney Korshak. Heis the current head of Marbella Movie Studios located in Madrid, Spain.

According to Gerstmayer- “ The transaction will close in November 2018”

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