UCL Professor to Set New World Record

United States – 04-22-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — UCL Professor and Researcher Aiming to Set the Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Scientist.

Angelos Michaelides will be running the London Marathon in lab gloves, safety goggles and a designer Dr. James Lab Coat to set a world record and raise money for WaterAid.

London, England – The London Marathon grows near, with a record number of 414,168 applicants for the 2019 race. More than 40,000 participants will be hitting pavement on Sunday, April 28.

But we have our eyes on one.

Angelos Michaelides is out to set a record. He’s not out to set pace with the frontrunners, who will finish the 26.2-mile course in roughly two hours. He’s not out to win in his age bracket, either. Michaelides, with a love for the sport and a touch of conviction, is out to set the world record for the “fastest marathon dressed as a scientist.”

Michaelides will be running the London Marathon in the classic garb we think of when we picture a scientist. He’ll be decked out in lab safety glasses, bright orange rubber gloves, and carrying a piece of “lab equipment” from his 4-year-old daughter’s science kit. And, most notably, he will be wearing a Dr. James Designer Lab Coat.

Dr. James, a Boutique Collection of Labwear, will be behind Michaelides in spirit on race day. With a recent release of their newest designer lab coat, the company’s founders see Michaelides’ mission as an opportunity to promote the sciences.

And it’s not just science Michaelides is promoting. Other than setting a world record, he has also chosen WaterAid as his charity partner. WaterAid is an international charity working to provide clean water and toilets to people all over the world. Dr. James made a £1K donation to the cause.

Michaelides leads the ICE research group at the University College London, and his research focuses on better understanding water and ice. Specifically, his team is working to develop innovative solutions to solve the world’s water problems. This makes his choice of WaterAid as his charity partner especially apt. Over the last several years, his research group has raised over £5,000 for the organization.  

You can see posts from Michaelides on the ICE research Twitter page, including a video showing the shocking amount of sweat that accumulates in his orange lab gloves.

“I’ve been out running in the costume a few times and been getting quite a lot of funny looks,” Michaelides shared with Dr. James as the team kept tabs on his training. “However, mostly if I smile people seem to think it’s funny. I ran once at night and this seems to frighten people so I’ve stopped doing that!”

There is a touch of humor that Michaelides graciously concedes with his outfit for the London Marathon. But his motivations are clear, and by running the marathon in roughly three and a half hours he hopes to be sweeping past the finish line with the new world record for a marathoner dressed as a scientist.

Fundraising continues up to the day of the marathon, April 28, which hundreds of thousands of spectators are waiting for. Michaelides mused that he may not be able to see them, as his peripheral vision is restricted by his lab glasses. But with his eye on the finish line, his family, the team at Dr. James and his colleagues, fans and supporters will be ready to celebrate his success.

Dr. James is a Boutique Collection of Labwear, and has followed Michaelides’ journey with great interest. For any media inquiries or collaborations, contact Marcus Fearon at [email protected] or visit our amazon store HERE.

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