Two Sets of Auger Powder Filling Lines Delivered to Australia

Two Sets of Auger Powder Filling Lines Delivered to Australia From Zhengzhou Uniaote Machinery Co., Ltd.

Press Release updated: Oct 22, 2017 10:02 EDT

Australia is a country that abounds in herbaceous resources and has a developed milk powder and protein powder industry. Many quality-of-life consumers buy imported food and dietary supplements to improve their own health levels, such as: formula powdered milk and protein powder. Many Chinese consumers are satisfied with the food quality of Australia and happy to buy imported food from Australia.

Zhengzhou Uniaote Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, which is located in Zhengzhou, the geographical center of China. The company designs and manufactures fully automated powder-filling capping machines.

In this golden autumn season of October, Zhengzhou Uniaote Machinery Co., Ltd. delivers two sets of Auger Powder Filling Lines to Australia. This is the third export of the automatic auger powder-filling capping line to Australia from Uniaote Machinery this year.

The auger powder-filling line consists of six units with different diversities of features:

1. Unscrambler Bottles Machine

The Rotary Unscrambler Machine adopts frequency control rotary movement so that the bottles or cans can enter sequentially into the conveyor belt under the action of rotary tangential force.

2. Screw Conveyor (Powder Feeding Machine)

The screw conveyor (powder feeding machine) is controlled by the auger powder filling machine. It transfers the powder into the hopper of auger powder filling machine.

3. Auger Powder Filling Machine

The auger powder filling machine is the major part of the auger powder filling capping line. According to customer needs, this equipment can be divided into different models:

4. Bottle Capping Machine

The Bottle capping machine is a customized product. This machine has two functions: Automatic loading caps on the bottle, and then capping. Two steps, two functions.

5. Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker labeling machine is divided into two models according to the bottle:

  • Round bottle labeling machine
  • Square bottle labeling machine

Their role is labeling the sticker (paper or plastic) on your bottle.

6. Code/Date/Batch Printer Machine

Code/date/batch printer machine is also an auxiliary device. For example, the production date and production batch number are done by this machine.

“There is no best, only better” are not just words to Uniaote Machinery but a way of life. By providing designs that are exactly suited to the customer’s requirements, they are better able to meet and exceed your diverse product needs. Customer satisfaction is the goal of Uniaote Machinery Co., Ltd.


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