Two Rare Domain Names for Cheese Marketing Now Available to Purchase

United States, Illinois, Chicago – 01-28-2020 ( — A pair of rare domain names for the dairy industry are making their way to the market in search of a new home. Those names are the core product expressions and, each representing a perfect keyword match for consumer recognition and market relativity. Both names were property of an advertising agency and development incubator that greatly loved cheese, but never got the opportunity to deploy the unique website addresses into the market.

“We know that either name would be an excellent tool to boost visibility and market opportunities, whether it be on a direct retailing basis, or for bulk or large scale cheese purchasing”, said Robert Davis, Director of Intellectual Property at Intelliname. “The domains would allow the owner to greatly optimize their influence over future cheese distribution through organic ranking, as well as drive benefits from strategic positioning through the natural sales pathways that consumers take. These names communicate the product instantly with high credibility, instant market authority, and easy memory recollection.”Both names are considered ideal for online marketing, as they reflect perfect keyword matches that can boost results within any system where ranking is based on contextual relativity to the product being sold. Most online advertising platforms factor the keyword density of the website address directly into their algorithms, determining everything from click through cost, to ranking position, to display frequency, and even extending to listing priority on Google Business and other complimentary and geographically?based directory services.“The original owner had envisioned using the domains for a unique concept that sold “super?sized” cheese blocks”, explained Davis. “I think the idea would have been an interesting novelty that could have become a popular gift idea for cheese lovers around the world. Especially given the creative visuals from the right product shots. It is such an amazing gift idea, as well as all of the traditional uses such as bulk purchasing, commercial applications, restaurant and food preparation, cheese enthusiasts, wine parties, and luxury marketing.”Factoring historical sales averages published by industry statisticians DN Journal, both names would have typically seen valuation assignments from $25,000 to $45,000 each, based on comparable sales transactions monitored in the past. The names have been listed and approved for sale across GoDaddy’s premium name platform for only $12,500 each, with escrow services provided by GoDaddy’s Afternic team in Waltham, MA.“We’ve priced these affordably to find a new home quickly”, remarked Davis, “so that the domains can help deliver great cheese to hungry customers in the future. After all, that is why they were created in the first place.”Interested parties can navigate to the domains online for direct escrow support through Afternic, or contact Intelliname direct to discuss purchase of the set. For more information, contact Robert Davis at 815?429?3254 or [email protected] About IntellinameIntelliname is the leading specialist worldwide in both the procurement and representation of rare domain names, largely used as messaging anchors within national and global marketing campaigns. The firm operates through a strategic think tank focused primarily on life and process improvements for humanity. Over the past two decades, the private group has leveraged branding and management experience to build power plants, create retail distribution networks, push the boundaries of network programming, and build or help strengthen thousands of brands and industry influencers across numerous market sectors. The intellectual property firm also manages more than 25,000 premium domain names on exclusive assignment, largely assembled from private collectors, domain investors, advertising agencies, and venture capital executives. Additional ResourcesHistorical Sales Transactions Highlighting Value Averages: 250 Domain Name Sales Price List: 
http://www.mostexpensivedomain.nameDN Journal Weekly Sales Transactions:

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