Trumpery Resistance, a cautionary dystopian future tale that is defiant on all levels

CHICAGO, IL – 02-08-2019 ( — With Trumpery Resistance, J. Steven Young offers a fresh take on ‘political action’, transporting readers to a dark future that’s all too foreseeable from today’s tumultuous vantage. Defiant on all levels, inward and out, it’s a cautionary tale that’s wildly entertaining.  

A New Age Dystopian novel that looks at where inaction and failure to think critically can lead a people, community, and nation, it’s no secret that Trumpery Resistance parallels the authoritative state that is developing in America today. 

Trumpery Resistance reflects on a nation that is struggling to rebuild from a foundation of fear and hate, ruled by a leader who has been augmented with longevity, but is actually just an oligarchic puppet,” said J. Steven Young. “Working to reclaim the ‘We the People’ narrative that seems forever forgotten, Trumpery Resistance is a controversial work that features a world in which even your own mother would turn you over for profit.”

Following protagonist MacKenzie Dillon, a Protectorate soldier who has stayed in line, mouth shut, and eyes to the ground for the majority of his life as he served America’s New Republic, Trumpery Resistance picks up at a turning point for this soldier: his earliest memories are beginning to surface, and he’s finding it harder than ever to obey his masters. Does this unsuspecting hero have what it takes to be humanity’s last final defense against an authoritarian dictatorship?

“Readers will find many parallels to the regime governing our country today, and rightfully so. I want this book to inspire creative thought while warning readers about the dangers of simply ‘going with the flow.’ We should all be paying attention. Defiant on all levels, inward and out, it’s a cautionary tale that’s wildly entertaining.” said J. Steven Young.

J. Steven Young, is a passionate author who pens stories, novels, and articles covering multiple genres, from best-selling children’s activity and story books, to young adult, dystopian and fantasy novels. Trumpery Resistance, is officially available for ordering.

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