Announce Its Production of New Series for 385/65R22.5 Flotation Tires and Gives a Few Tips on How to Choose the Right Pattern for Your Needs.

Press Release updated: Oct 19, 2017 14:00 EDT

Tires are a critical part of truck performance as they provide maneuverability, safety, and stability throughout a job contract and travel. 

For a truck owner handling versatile jobs, it is crucial to choose truck tires that are just as versatile. Many owners agree that all position truck tires are a great option. 

As the name implies, “all position tires” can be used either at the steering axle or at the driving axle. 

All position truck tires work well as steer tires because they have a solid shoulder tread design and offer high tensile strength. These tires are designed to perform best in all kinds of driving conditions and on all kinds of surfaces.

At the drive axle, ribbed tread design improves drive quality and handling capabilities of heavy vehicles while sustaining maximum torque. 

All position truck tires are mainly known for their practical and economic features making them an extremely popular tire.

385/65R22.5 all position features and benefits

These tires are constructed to ensure low wear and tear and can also be retreaded.

All position truck tires also offer low resistance that results in increased fuel efficiency per gallon.

If all vehicle wheels are equipped with all position truck tires, the option exists to rotate them in accordance with the grip needed for particular surfaces/terrain.

The surface grip capabilities of these tires are designed to channel away water and reduce noise while operating at high speeds.

This particular all position truck tire has 20 ply steel radials so performance is enhanced on and off the highway.

Large tread depth results in excellent traction and improved handling while dynamic multi-purpose tread design at the side helps to navigate different terrains.

The 385/65R22.5 tire size is also considered optimum for use in a truck that has to maneuver over varied driving conditions and terrains on a regular/daily basis.

Other Sizes Available from WHOLESALE TRUCK TIRES:

385/65R22.5 Road Warrior 397385/65R22.5 LM-526385/65R22.5 LM-128295/75R22.5 Drive Tires245/70R19.5 16 Ply245/70R19.5 Steer tires

385/65R22.5 all position truck tires are the most economical and practical option and can be used successfully in regular fleet operations. 

About The Company: is a wholesale provider of tires for heavy vehicles, including loaders, trucks, bobcats and more. The company offers a huge array of products that guarantee high-end performance in tough working conditions. With a catalog that boasts a large selection of loader tires, skid steer tires, truck tires and more, this wholesaler can provide you with the right tire for your heavy vehicle at the most economical price.


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