Tranztec Announces VIA® Visibility Providing Carriers with No Cost Integration to Leading Visibility Platforms

VIA® Visual Transportation Management

Carriers are being constantly bombarded with new requirements, regulations, and technologies that don’t provide direct benefits to them.

Shipper’s demand visibility. Carriers pay for it. Government mandated telematics coupled with the emergence of shipper centric freight platforms have created a revolution in Freight Visibility. These advancements, however, come at significant cost. On average, the Carrier must bear much of these cost with little to no direct benefit to them in return. As new visibility platforms enter the market, customers are requiring Carriers to integrate. Although, the connection to these platforms have no upfront cost to the Carrier, the setup and management of these connections have significant long-term financial tolls.

Today, Tranztec Solutions, a leader in transportation technology, is proud to announce VIA® Visibility, a new benefit providing free and centralized integration with all leading freight visibility platforms for Carriers using the VIA® transportation platform. The VIA® platform is a patent pending, web-based platform that provides a robust suite of tools, capabilities, and collaboration features that can be leveraged by transportation companies of all sizes and technical capabilities. Whether or not a Carrier has a TMS or any technology at all, VIA® provides them with an advanced platform that enables them to grow beyond what has traditionally been possible.

“Shippers demand visibility to their freight,” Toby Miller, CEO of Tranztec explains, “but the platforms that exist today leave the Carrier with the expense of achieving it. Carriers are being constantly bombarded with new requirements, regulations, and technologies that don’t provide direct benefits to them.” With VIA®, Carriers can take back the control while meeting their customer’s requirements at the same time.

VIA® Visibility enables Carriers to supply load details, arrival, departure, and in-transit status information to Supply Chain Visibility platforms such as Macropoint, 10-4 Systems, and Fourkites without the need for time consuming spreadsheets, or expensive integration costs.

For more information, to sign up for a demo, or to setup a VIA® account for your team – contact the Tranztec Sales team at sales(at)tranztec(dot)com or call us at 888-854-0099. You can also visit us on the web at or

About Tranztec Solutions, Inc.
Tranztec Solutions is a leading developer of solutions for the transportation and logistics including its flagship VIA® Visual Transportation Management platform.

VIA is a registered trademark and VTM, Visual Transportation Management, and Visual Transportation Manager are trademarks of Tranztec Solutions, Inc. All other names and marks are property of their respective owners.

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