To Avoid Traffic Accidents During Halloween Attorney Big Al Calls For Defensive Driving & Offers Tips For Drivers During The Holiday

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…drivers should take special care to drive safely when there are lots of little ones around. Knowing the danger spots is a helpful way to start.

Halloween is a time of spooks and scares, but it’s also a critical night for cautious and defensive driving. The presence of many excited and unsupervised kids on the roads makes driving carefully critically important. The various Attorney Big Al offices throughout the U.S. offers its top tips to prevent accidents on Halloween night.

On Halloween, drivers should actively anticipate the presence of kids on the road. Despite parents’ best efforts, kids disobey traffic laws and can run into the street, so watch any pedestrians carefully. If you don’t have children, you may want to put a reminder in your calendar to drive carefully the day of Halloween so you don’t forget to be extra attentive.

While driving in a residential area, especially the evening of Halloween, drive much slower than the speed limit and be absolutely sure your lights are on. Scan the roads and sidewalks and keep your attention focused on any pedestrians. Driving defensively like this helps you anticipate potential dangerous activities and react before the accident can happen.
The offices of Attorney Big Al commented, “Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year for kids, so drivers should take special care to drive safely when there are lots of little ones around. Knowing the danger spots is a helpful way to start.”

Our recommendation is to use special caution around corners and crosswalks and to come in or out of driveways with extreme care, as these areas have lower visibility. Be especially wary of kids in masks, as their visibility may be decreased by their mask. Additionally, don’t assume that a child with a parent nearby is necessarily being supervised. Halloween is a social night, and it is easy for a parent to become distracted.

Driving safely on Halloween is everyone’s responsibility, and while no driver can control how pedestrians will behave, defensive driving reduces your risk and ensures a fun night for everyone!

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