The world’s first DiamondChain co-branded card with MasterCard Smart consumption, Smart wealth management

PARIS – 09-16-2018 ( — Nowadays, big enterprises and retailers are focused on the taking care of their members’ privileges as well as improving the ease of use for members. It is very common to adopt various types of co-branded cards launched by e-money and card issuers. In the many types of cards made available, there are many Diamond cards in the market and yet, there’s no card that is actually linked to the value of physical diamonds.

Recently, Mr. Will Kingston, Chief Executive Officer of Six Linx Technology, mentioned in an interview with a United States news channel that Six Linx Technology will collaborate with Master Card to launch a co-branded card – The DiamondChain Mastercard, which integrates Diamond (DMC). DiamondChain Mastercard would be the world’s first smart consumption and smart wealth management card which links the value of physical diamonds.

The extensive application of blockchain technology has caused subversive effects in various industry. Six Linx Technology uses the decentralized, transparent information and non-tamperable features of the blockchain to allow each and every step of process for the diamonds, from mining to trading, to be recorded in the blockchain.

This endorses the quality of the data with unprecedented trust, greatly enhancing the circulation value of diamonds, and launching an innovative business model with wealth management function – Diamond Blockchain (DMC).

Six Linx and Master Card launched the DiamondChain Mastercard, which integrates Diamond (DMC) to provide cardholders with the most advanced electronic payment security mechanism to ensure that users’ personal information is completely confidential while being entitled to the “DiamondChain Mastercard” zero liability guarantee. It will be combined with mobile payment, so that users can directly register the “DiamondChain Mastercard” in the mobile app. Once the mobile app is opened, the Diamond (DMC) available in the “DiamondChain Mastercard” can be used directly for purchases, making it convenient for users to shop with collaborating partners of “DiamondChain Mastercard”.

Mr. Will Kingston also mentioned that there are already luxury jewelers, hypermarkets and other companies from various industries actively discussing collaboration with Six Linx Technology. It is expected that in 2019, Six Linx Technology will be able to connect millions of stores globally, allowing users to purchase directly with the “DiamondChain Mastercard”. With features of smart consumption and smart wealth management, it is bound to set off a new consumption pattern that combines cash with cryptocurrency!

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