The Total Nightmares Release ‘LAST HALLOWEEN’ Video and Digital Single

Last Halloween - The Total Nightmares - Single Cover Art

Last Halloween – The Total Nightmares

It’s that damned time again–the night when the flimsy curtain separating the quick from the dead, rips chillingly apart, and when ghosts and ghouls dance among the living.

Recorded in Pluckley, the most haunted village in England, we bring you LAST HALLOWEEN–the retro Rock’n’Roll digital single and video debut of The Total Nightmares on The Last Music Company label.

LAST HALLOWEEN is a rockabilly stroll haunted by the memory of a lost love gone missing last Halloween. The singer hears her voice on the ghostly radio and the mysterious taps of an apparition at his window, and wonders, along with the rest of us, what’s happened to her. He’s not even sure if he’s alive or dead himself, but he wants her back–this Halloween.

For spooky ambience, the band opted to record at a cottage in Pluckley, a small village in Kent, which has been named the most haunted village in England by Guinness World Records. According to some reports, it is thought to have an unprecedented number of ghosts.

One of the most popular Pluckley ghosts is the ‘Screaming Man’. He worked in the village brickwork and fell to his death from the church tower.

‘The Highwayman’ is said to have been run through with an opponent’s sword which pinned him to a tree in what is now known as “Fright Corner.” Legend has it that he appears to locals and visitors as a shadowy figure, bringing with him a sudden deathly chill. On some occasions, the phantom of an elderly woman has been witnessed. It is believed that she accidentally set herself on fire whilst sleeping.

A schoolmaster, found by his students hanging in his room, took his own life in the 1800s. Today some claim he can be seen in the grounds wearing his favourite old coat and stripy trousers.

The band has a story of their own. While The Total Nightmares were recording their new single, they say they witnessed a ghost, never before seen, who revealed herself during one of the vocal takes. The band describes her as ‘a tall Nordic looking beauty, lithe and sinuous, wearing nothing but four or five large, snakes which writhed about her body, protecting her modesty and striking out at anyone who approached her’.

This phantom was heard, several times, to whisper ‘Jeg tror I har et hit mellem hænderne’ which apparently is Danish for ’I think you’ve got a hit on your hands’.

The bass player noted that a Scandinavian circus visited the area in the 1950s and one of its performers, an exotic fire-eater and snake charmer, had mysteriously disappeared…

Of course, they were joking… Or were they?

The Total Nightmares are a bit of a Halloween mystery themselves, with several members choosing to remain anonymous.

For further updates on the band and their unfolding reveal check them out on FB and Twitter, or visit

LAST HALLOWEEN is available now for download and streaming in all digital stores and services.

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