The Napier Jigger: Standard Spoon Resurrects Vintage Barware

See why bartenders from around the world are snatching up this cocktail measuring cup.SAN DIEGO, CA – 09-19-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Over 450 cocktail enthusiasts just funded the fastest-growing cocktail project on Kickstarter. In less than 5 days, the Napier Jigger campaign met its $15,000 goal.

A jigger is a tool used to accurately measure ingredients when making drinks, which is important for serving a balanced cocktail.

This stepped measuring cup, originally made by an American jewelry manufacturer in the 1930’s, has become a highly desired antique – originals sell for up to $275 apiece. They are very difficult to find.

Collectors prize this jigger for it’s unique stepped-design: the straight-sided walls make it easier to estimate half-measurements. The cup-style design also eliminates the need for using and keeping track of multiple two-sided jiggers. The Napier Jigger combines all measurements into one tool.

Standard Spoon is a husband-and-wife design team from San Diego. They are re-making the Napier Jigger with a few improvements, including adding markings for commonly-used ¼ and ¾ ounce measurements. While the original antique was silverplated, Standard Spoon’s jiggers will be silver-plated, gold-plated, and solid copper.

Over 150 people have also supported Standard Spoon’s efforts to create a modified version of the jigger for bartenders.  The Industry 2-pack ($20) is a set of stainless steel stepped jiggers without handles. They save space by allowing stacking, and are durable for high-volume use.

The project has backers from all over the world including Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, India, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, and the sovereign city-state of Brunei.


Fans of the project say:

“They had me at ¼ oz markings”-Robert Del Favero

“Where has this been all my life? My jigger is dead to me.” -Timothy McIlvain

“I love these jiggers… I’d always wished they had them in 3/4 & 1/4 oz. and now it has come true. -Brant Boelts


About Standard Spoon Barware

Husband-and Wife team Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva are artists and designers that prize innovation and beauty, and are committed to making tools that last. Standard Spoon cocktail tools have become known for their uncompromising quality, sophisticated beauty, and creative innovation.

Kickstarter Project: The Napier Jigger by Standard Spoon  Press Images: The Napier Jigger

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Standard Spoon Barware
Full Name: Rachel Eva
Phone: 6199877810
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