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United States, New York, Accord – 07-16-2019 ( — Blockchain is not only about technology but also about economy, society, and politics.


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In the first half of 2019, Blockchain meet the important time node in the history of blockchain development, and many important events happened:


1) Bitcoin prices rebounded and the cryptocurrency market warmed;


2) The HashRate of Bitcoin reached 74.5 million TH/s, which is 140% higher than that at the end of 2018;


3) Large financial and technology companies such as Facebook and JP Morgan Chase & Co poured in;


4) Stablecoin was popular, and more and more institutions are trying to issue stablecoins;


5) Countries accelerate the establishment of administrative regulation on cryptocurrency;


6) Large companies such as IBM are accelerating the application of blockchain technology.


Along with the financial and technology giants apply the blockchain, the cryptocurrency market improved from 2018 when there is no sign of bettering and the blockchain and cryptocurrency demonstrated a positive development trend. At the same time, the blockchain industry has formed an ecologically complete upstream and downstream structure after years of growth and development.

The blockchain can be divided into three major circles: the currency circle, the mining circle and the chain circle. While these three circles can unfold many industries: exchanges, wallets, public blockchain, cross-chain, mining pool, mine, etc. Do you know the unique projects in each of the segments?


Rankings of the most promising blockchain project:


TOP 1 Application Layer – Libra, BUY++ Potential Score: A+++

A+++: means there is huge potential, and technology or market is monopolized, and there are no competitors.

The success of a technology depends on whether it will be used on a large scale on the market.

There have been many similar projects before the Libra project, while Libra has attracted global attention, mainly because of its 2.7 billion user base behind the Facebook ecosystem. Once implemented, it allows everyone in the Facebook ecosystem to participate in the financial world. Besides, it has the functions which own blockchain finance and traditional finance features such as stable value, fast trading, scalability and security. Facebook has redefined “money” this time and has changed the global economy.

The current value of global financial assets (including the sum of bonds and stock market capitalization) in 2018 is $180 trillion. Libra’s future market size will be greater than $180 trillion.

The presentation message and live application presentation video of BUY++ introduce this black technology to the world.

There was no similar landing project on the market before BUY++, and BUY++ proposed a future shopping vision: like to have it instantly. Use BUY++ to sense the products presented in the video and display them on the mobile phone immediately, and make a one-click purchase. Meanwhile users’ privacy, user data can be protected and personal data can be traded, etc., and the merchant’s copyright can be protected.

The on-site application shows that the entire sensing process requires only one step of using the mobile phone to open the application. You do not need to take a photo or to connect it with a computer. You can’t even imagine how it works.

The project officially landed in April 2019 and can be tested internally. The project itself has a broad market space and imagination space. It can be used in film, television, short video, live broadcast, conference, concert, advertisement, etc. It has AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, AR (Augmented Reality Technology), Blockchain (blockchain technology) and other technological innovations, and the future 5G (communication) will accelerate its development. At the same time, it also owns a public blockchain team of its own, who developed a public blockchain whose TPS reached 10,000 for the BUY++ project exclusively.

Global e-commerce scale in 2018: 2.8 trillion dollars; BUY++’s future market size will be more than 2.8 trillion dollars.

These are two imaginative and promising projects, all of which are of the mass application type and can be related to everyone: Libra has a financial market size of 2.7 billion users. BUY++ has a large scale of potential users, as well as market size in consumption and advertising, thanks to the black technology and its landing project feature.


TOP 2 Finance Derivatives – Binance Potential Score: A++

A++: means that the potential is huge; technology or market is monopolized; and it has advantages over the competitors.

The digital currency exchange is the core link connecting the upstream and downstream of the digital currency industry chain, and plays an irreplaceable role in the digital currency trading ecosystem. There are currently nearly 500 digital currency exchanges across the world. The exchange has always been popular from the perspective of the capital through the constant changes.

At present, the most influential exchange on the market is actually the Binance. Binance is one of the three largest exchanges around the globe, with 3 million registered users. It started early and owned many users, which enables it perfectly avoid the blood wash of 9.4 and enjoys rapid growth. Not only has the Binance become the mainstream exchange, but also led the industry’s development. The IEO model, which was first introduced by the Binance this year, has become a model for other exchanges to follow.

More importantly, the decentralized exchange of Binance has been under implementation. The scale of future digital assets will be a huge market.


TOP 3 Base Layer – ImToken Potential Score: A+

A+: means that there is potential; technology or market has a certain size, and has own characteristics among competitors.

Digital currency wallet and cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, as well as cryptocurrency wallet is an application specifically designed to manage these assets. The cryptocurrency wallet provides basic financial functions such as creation of wallet addresses, transfer of cryptocurrency, and history queries for transaction of each wallet address.

So for digital asset wallets, the private key is the most important. The way the private key is generated and stored determines whether the asset is secure or not. Therefore, the security of digital assets in the usual sense is actually the security of the private key. Whether a wallet is secure or not depends mainly on its ability to manage and use the private key securely.

ImToken was established in May 2016. According to third-party statistics, the transfer of ImToken per day accounts for 10% of the Ethereum ecology after only two years from its establishment. In 2017, tokens under the cumulative use of ImToken transfer worth more than $35 billion, which excels 99% of US banks. In addition, ImToken’s high net worth users mainly come from the United States, China, Africa, Southeast Asia and South Korea. Currently, the digital wallet, ImToken, has a maximum daily growth of more than 100,000 users, and its monthly active users exceed 4 million.

The field in which the wallet can be expanded is small, and under the fierce competition of the market, the ImToken is constantly iterated and widely known.


TOP 4 Platform Public Blockchain – ETH Potential Score: A

A: means that technology or market has a certain scale, and the business value is obvious.

The public blockchain refers to a kind of blockchain that anyone in the world can access the system to read data, send identifiable transactions, and compete for accounting at any time. Public blockchains are usually considered as “completely decentralized”, because no individual or institution can control or tamper with the reading and writing of data.

The public blockchain generally encourages participants to compete for accounting through the Token mechanism to ensure data security. From the application point of view, the public blockchain includes Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Hyperledger, most Altcoin and smart contracts. And the ancestor of the public blockchain is Bitcoin blockchain.

The concept of Ethereum was first proposed by a programmer named Vitalik Buterin between 2013 and 2014. He was inspired by Bitcoin. Ethereum means “the next generation of cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform”, which was developed in 2014 through ICO crowdfunding.

ETH is the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency, ranking only second to Bitcoin. Ethereum is a platform that provides various modules for users to build applications. If building application is like building a house, then Ethereum provides such modules as walls, roofs, floors, etc. Users only need to build houses like building blocks, thus the cost and speed of building an application at Ethereum has been improved dramatically. Specifically, Ethereum builds applications by using a set of Turing-complete scripting language, Ethereum Virtual Machinecode (EVM), which is similar to assembly language. It is known to all that it is extremely painful to program by directly using assembly language, but programming in Ethereum does not require direct use of the EVM language, but using high-level languages ??like C-language, Python, Lisp, etc., and then converted to EVM through the compiler.


TOP 5 Hardware Layer – Bitmain Potential Score: A-

A-: means that echnology or market has a certain scale.

The existence of the mining pool reduces the difficulty of mining virtual currency such as Bitcoin, lowers the mining threshold, truly realizing the Bitcoin mining concept that everyone can play a part. However, its drawbacks are also very obvious, because as the HashRate is connected to the mining pool, the mining pool will manage extremely large HashRate resources. In the Bitcoin world, the HashRate represents the right of accounting, namely, the HashRate is everything.

Founded in 2013, Bitmain has strong R&D capabilities in the field of ultra-high performance computing, and its HashRate has reached the first place across the whole network.


TOP 6 Protocol Layer – GigaWatt Potential Score: A –

A–: There are technical characteristics.

The mining industry may be the oldest activity associated with cryptocurrency, all of which began in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto created the first piece on the Bitcoin network.

Nowadays, digital currency mining is spread across 114 countries. According to the analysis of, the revenue of the market last year totaled $4.1 billion. This figure does not include the revenue generated by the sale of mining equipment. If it counts mining equipment, it is estimated to reach about $3.4 billion. Mining in digital currency has become a large-scale industrial industry, and miners from around the world works together to create factories, besides thousands of graphics cards have been assembled into giant mining farms.

GigaWatt, a mine located in Washington DC, America, was established in 2012, with a HashRate of 1.3PH. It was formed by an entrepreneur with 10 years of software experience, when the company went into Bitcoin mining due to financial problems.

Originally, it was done in his own basement, and then it was later renamed GigaWatt and got millions of dollars in annual revenue in just one year.

Today’s GigaWatt is hidden in a former industrial farm. In order to stay low profile from the Administration, it did not publicize its own business. Nowadays, this mine has become the largest mine in North America. 

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