The Closing Agent Stays Strong During Hurricane Irma

ORLANDO, FL – 10-02-2017 — When Hurricane Irma began its final approach towards Florida, the Title Industry collectively held their breath. Central Florida had the experience to draw upon in the form of Charlie, which has descended upon the area 13 years prior. As the week preceding Irma’s landfall seemed to move as fast as the Hurricane itself, many began drawing upon their memories of Charlie, preparing for what may lay ahead in the weeks to come. This was especially true for Darryll L. Clark, Vice President – Operations & Finance of The Closing Agent® powered by Barry Miller Law, who said: “Charlie was fresh in our mind as the forecast for Irma started to make it clear we would be experiencing Hurricane effects one way or another in Central Florida.”

Given that The Closing Agent® has been a mainstay of Central Florida for more than 20 years, with five offices covering Ocoee to Orlando and south to Celebration, their footprint was wide enough that they were very likely to be affected one way or another.

Clark stated: “We preach that Education is the foundation upon which The Closing Agent is built so it’s in our nature to learn and adapt. Remembering the impact Charlie had left, we gathered the management team together early in the week. As clear as it was that our client’s closings would be impacted, it was even clearer that we had the ability and knowledge to minimize their stress levels and work to ensure we could support them as soon as the storm had passed. With five offices, the odds were in our favor that we would retain power in at least one location. Our Disaster Recovery plan, however, was worth its weight in gold. We’re very proud that even when losing power in two of our offices we were able to reopen after the curfew was lifted and get to work helping our clients.”

The Closing Agent® has certainly proven how crucial a Disaster Recovery plan can be. With their operation continuing in the wake of Irma, Barry L Miller, President & CEO was able to offer his knowledge and experience to agents seeking guidance, saying “Our office fielded numerous inquiries regarding potential problems arising in connection with Hurricane Irma and existing homes currently under contract. I can’t speak highly enough of our team who were eager to minimize the effects of Irma upon our client’s closings. After hearing some common concerns we were even able to send out a release with important guidance for the benefit of all of our agents.”

With two months still to go in a Hurricane season that seems to have hit its stride, we can only hope the worst has been and gone. In any event, The Closing Agent® stands ready and prepared. We are proud to call Florida our home and look forward to years of future success.

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