TGEP Adds Contactless, NFC Credit Card Reader for ClipperCreek CS Series Customers

Clipercreek CS Series Station get industry leading hardware in payment services by TGEP.

CREST HILL, IL – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — TGEP recently unveiled the contactless and NFC payment device to the ClipperCreek CS Series Level 2 electric vehicle charging station units.  ViVOpay Vendi is a 3-in-1 credit card reader which supports contactless cards, NFC mobile payments and magstripe cards. Manufactured by ID Tech, the ViVOpay Vendi devices are used worldwide by vending machine operators. Customers can just tap or swipe to make a payment while being guided through the payment process via the TGEP user interface with a 7’’ TFT display screen.
Features of ViVOpay Vendi

•    Supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other mobile wallets
•    Supports payment applications such as MasterCard MCL, American Express, Visa VCPS, etc.
•    Connects to TGEP upgrade kit through  USB .
•    Allows firmware applications to be easily updated remotely
•    Has Contactless / NFC EMV, MagStripe reader

The ViVOpay Vendi supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other mobile wallets. Also special is that ViVOpay Vendi is an outdoor rated device with a powerful ARM processor and can be used by existing ClipperCreek CS owners to get revenues from the units. TGEP upgrade kit with credit card reader is the easiest way for small and medium business owners to install a Level 2, 220V EV charging station in their parking lot and get more income out of it.

The ViVOpay Vendi credit card reader also works seamlessly with TGEP upgrade kit for ClipperCreek CS Series charging station. The TGEP kit makes the EV charging station work as an automated kiosk with EVSE networking and can be used for generating revenues. TGEP is planning to add additional features like accepting private-label gift cards and loyalty cards at a later stage to the functionality of credit card readers.

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About TGEP
Located south of Chicago, Illinois, the company develops upgrade modules for electric vehicle charging station solutions. They also specialize in providing EVSE networking and electric vehicle charging station in Illinois with cloud connectivity. The company has developed an upgrade kit for ClipperCreek charging station CS series, upgrading it to a fully networked smart charging station with revenue capabilities To learn more about TGEP, please visit

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