TenantEvaluation is a Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

MIAMI, FL – 09-05-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Streamline business. Spend time with buyers who matter. Close deals that have a chance of being closed in the first place. All for free.

TenantEvaluation lets real estate agents run a credit report, background check, and eviction history report on would-be buyers before ever leaving the office. Backed by decades of property management experience and PCI compliant since its inception, TenantEvaluation gives brokers, real estate agents, and independent landlords the ability to screen tenants and buyers at no cost to them.

Simply create an account in two clicks on TenantEvaluation.com. Then send an application to the tenant in question. The buyer completes the brief application, pays a $45 application fee, and the broker or landlord instantly gets an email the moment the application is finished. Then the landlord or broker logs in TenantEvaluation and accesses credit score, background and eviction history. There is even a trusted recommendation to approve or deny the application.

As a real estate agent, you can bring a nearly finished application to the landlord so he or she knows the buyer is qualified to maintain the property and meet payments. You save time by not wasting effort on unqualified tenants in the first place. Plus, you do not subject yourself to potentially risky situations with supposed buyers you do not know. Know who you are dealing with before you drive out to an unknown location to meet a stranger.

DIY landlords use TenantEvaluation to sift through countless applications and find the right tenant for their property. As such an enormous investment, property needs to be protected and landlords need to know they can trust whoever will be living there. TenantEvaluation does just that by giving landlords the ability to peek behind the curtain.

TenantEvaluation has already processed over 3.5 million applications and counting. Join the revolution and use the only screening software built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. Other screening softwares are solely intended for independent landlords and actually seek to eliminate the broker’s integral role in the real estate industry.

TenantEvaluation helps both real estate agents and landlords by giving everyone the tools they need to succeed. We leveled the playing field. TenantEvaluation truly is a real estate agent’s best friend.

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