TechFlow Reaches Key Milestone with CMMI Maturity Level Three Practices Reappraisal

Independent review verifies company’s compliance with industry-recognized CMMI standards

San Diego, CA, October 30, 2017 —- TechFlow Incorporated, a highly innovative services and solutions company, today announced that it has received reappraisal for CMMI DEV 1.3 ML3 Practices covering Integrated Program Management, System and Software Engineering and Development, Quality Management, Process Engineering and Improvement and Organizational Management.

The scope of the reappraisal expanded to include multiple service line operations across the company supporting a diverse customer base. The independent appraisal verified that TechFlow’s unique Agile System and Software development processes are in compliance with the relevant CMMI standard. This achievement underscores TechFlow’s dedication to continuous quality improvements, standardization and application of best practices. Reaching CMMI Maturity Level 3 demonstrates the company’s ability to manage processes more proactively with a deep understanding of interrelationships and clear and consistent methodologies, policies, processes and tools to achieve higher predictability and less rework.

“The increased scope of the reappraisal demonstrates our on-going commitment to the customer through efficient and effective program management and software development practices,” said Mike Harp, Chief Technology Officer. “We are proud that the appraisal focused not just on one operation, but operations across the company demonstrating how Agile. Agile at Scale and DevOps Software Development methodologies are the foundation for our ability to deliver consistent, repeatable, quality outcomes.”

About TechFlow
Founded in 1995 at the start of the dot-com revolution, TechFlow helped large commercial firms such as Dreamworks, Toshiba, MGM, and others modernize their business systems using what has become known as Agile At Scale development. Today, with deep operational roots in the bi-coastal innovation hubs of California and Washington DC, TechFlow continues as a leader in applying innovative engineering, technology, and integration solutions to the Government’s most demanding mission and business challenges, delivering impactful ingenuity on a government scale.

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