[Tech Investment News] New Image-Processing Patent Issued for Razzor Technologies Inc.; Immediate Applications for Drones, VR, and Mobile Tech

IRVINE, CA – 10-09-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Competitors in adaptive digital processing seek the same goal: to mimic the human eye’s ability to adapt and enhance the visual environment in real time.

Razzor Technologies believes it’s IP bests competitor’s features: more natural contrast, brightness, adaptive sharpening, and real-time processing adaptation, enabling higher dynamic range with more details. Razzor’s “Adaptive Contrast” image processing algorithm produces output with contrast auto-adjusted for beautiful display. With Razzor’s now patented next-generation algorithm, never-before-seen processing techniques can be applied in graphic rendering and image display with real time processing.

Razzor’s combined algorithms – Adaptive Contrast, Dynamic Brightness, and Adaptive Sharpening Processing – lead to a list of consumer and OEM benefits.

Read the 1 page Razzor Product Brief HERE

Applications for Razzor’s patent in hardware and software are wide-ranging and immediate:

  • [Drones] – The majority of Drone content has too many shadows and lacks detail and depth. The output from Razzor’s technology enhances image detail and removes shadows.
  • [VR] – Razzor fixes imperfections in the camera and creates a more natural (to the human eye) viewing experience for User Generated Content.
  • [Mobile Devices] – Improved Daylight viewing and reduced power consumption.
  • [Computer Vision] – Razzor enables viewing of low-light content and reduces shadows, making higher-quality embedded computer vision processing possible. Computer vision is only as good as what can be seen. Razzor Algorithms increases visibility of low-light content.

Razzor holds IP in both hardware and software, opening an array of revenue opportunities in licensing and production. Razzor’s Algorithms have very small footprint for embedded applications and can be ported onto a variety of embedded processors and systems. Razzor’s hardware IP requires minimal gate count and can be easily integrated into a processor IC, display controller, or embedded CPU.

Razzor’s Granted Patent is: “Pub Number: WO/2015/085130, ADAPTIVE CONTRAST IN IMAGE PROCESSING AND DISPLAY”

Razzor has contracts with Dell and Analogix. In addition, there is interest/evaluation on-going from Microsoft, Apple, Vivo, and Lenovo.

Do you know an investor interested in next-generation processing technology? Are you interested?

Reach out to Tanmay directly at: [email protected]

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Razzor Technologies
Full Name: Tanmay Majmundar
Phone: (949)-852-4422
Email Address: Send Email
Website: razzortech.com

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