Tammy’Dele Films Launches Film and Television Job Training and Educational Workshops

FAYETTEVILLE, GA – 10-05-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Tammy’Dele Films (TDF), a full service film and television production company, have launched Tammy’Dele Films Job Training and Workshops, offering career-focused education training in Georgia’s growing film and television industry.

“We started our first workshop in December 2014 and are pleased with the response from the students and productions that are hiring them, stated Tammy Williams, founder and CEO of Tammy’Dele Films. The reason we started this job training program and workshops, was due to our production needs and the growing demand of other industry positions. When we started receiving calls from other production companies searching for good production assistants, we decided to start a production assistant-training program first and have added additional workshops since our inception,” continued Williams.

A Production Assistant (P.A.) is the entry-level position for the TV and film production industry almost everyone starts out as a P.A. After working as a P.A. for three to four years to gain experience and connections, you can move up into more skilled positions in specific crew departments. One can expect long hours, physical labor, outdoor-work in all kinds of weather, while earning $100.00 to $200.00 per day.

Taking the P.A. certification course, definitely gave me the advantage over the average person entering into this field without any experience, it basically made me more marketable, stated Joseph Parker, a recent graduate of the Production Assistant Workshop.

“We are so proud of our graduates, with many having worked on productions such as, Ant Man, Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tyler Perry Productions, Will Packard Productions, The Walking Dead, Baby Driver and so many other productions in and around the state of Georgia, stated Williams.

Recent graduate Abigale stated, “My experience with the workshop was fantastic! I am a visual learner. I knew I needed to know things before I got on set, I did not want to get on set and not know things. I even learned how to set-up a resume, which I did not know how. This is a great place to start if you are new or trying to get back into the industry and need a refresher course. “

Georgia-lensed feature film and television productions generated an economic impact of $9.5 billion during FY 2017. The 320 feature film and television productions shot in Georgia represent $2.7 billion in direct spending in the state. 

Tammy’Dele has expanded their workshops  to include, Set Production Assistant, Office Production Assistant, Hair and Make-up, How To Play Digital And Win! Creating A Successful Web-Series with television and digital executive Alvin V. Williams, Special Effects make-up with the Engineer Guy and Lighting and Grip boot camp with MBS Equipment, and many more industry driven workshops.

Tammy’Dele Films is located in the Pinewood Atlanta Production Centre. For more information about Tammy’Dele Films Job Training and Workshops and to learn more about the next Production Assistant Workshop class, please call at 770-716-6736, [email protected]com or visit www.tammydelefilms.com

About Tammy’Dele Films

Tammy’Dele Films (TDF) is a production company whose philosophy is to create quality content that engages audiences. TDF has written, directed and produced numerous short form and long form content for: CBS, Getty Images, AP News Wire, Sesame Street, Chick-Fil-A Foundation, UPTV, Stellar Awards, Codeblack/Lionsgate, Google, TVONE, Trumpet Awards, Youtube, AT&T, McDonalds, Allstate, State Farm, Walmart, Ford and Chevrolet, to name a few.

Tammy’Dele Films Graduate Testimonial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzNQ6cLoHQA

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Tammy’Dele FIlms
Full Name: Alvin Williams
Phone: 7707166736
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.tammydelefilms.com

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