Taglr launches global SaaS product ‘Galaktic Search’; AI-powered site search for highly personalized results

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai – 05-25-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — ‘Galaktic Search’ uses machine learning to enable websites and mobile apps from various industries to deliver highly personalized results to visitor’s search queries. 


Key Highlights:

– Site search with an embedded consumer behaviour learning engine 

– Delivers real time recommendations based on consumer behaviour 

– Galaktic Search can adapt to various websites and mobile apps from different industries


Galaktic Search is embedded with technology to continuously absorb consumer insights and deliver personalized search results. It has been specifically designed to increase visitor engagement by providing personalized and intuitive search suggestions and results for visitors based on their past interactions and preferences as well as a range of customisable configurations. It is backed by multilingual capabilities, enabling it to be compatible across different continents.   


Galaktic Search is a spin-off from India based Taglr, a shopping search engine that enables shoppers to discover over 8 million products from 180+ e-commerce stores on a single interface. The search technology specialises in providing personalized search results in fashion, technology, home, and other e-commerce categories. Two ways in which Galaktic search edges its competition is by (i) providing highly personalized search results to visitors through it’s AI engine which is fed with real-time consumer behavior, and (ii) support for a vast range of natural language queries currently offered for e-commerce sites, but available as a customised service for businesses in other industries. 


Additionally, Galaktic search offers a wide range of easily customizable business configurations, as well as a robust recommendation engine to support the continuous learning of visitor actions to deliver personalized and real time recommendations . 


Some additional features of Galaktic include Predictive Suggest, Personalized Recommendations, Search Optimizations, Dynamic Filters, and Geolocation which cater to the needs of several industries. Galaktic’s key area of expertise is e-commerce, where it can provide several visitor engagement solutions for personalized search and product recommendations. 


The launch of Galaktic takes us a step forward into the future of search technologies which are natural language friendly, AI-powered and driven by personalized recommendations based on visitor actions and intent. SaaS offerings like Galaktic Search are  powerful and affordable tools for businesses that can leverage the advanced off the shelf capabilities to  increase visitor engagement. Galaktic Search is industry agnostic and can adapt to various websites and mobile apps from a range of industries such as, retail, healthcare, news & broadcasting, media, financial services, and several others. 


More Information: Visit www.galaktic.co for a detailed overview about the solutions offered. Galaktic provides innovative technology for multiple industry verticals. Contact us on [email protected] and experience a free demo for your site.


Media Contacts:

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Website: http://www.galaktic.co/

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