SYNCFAB Adds CESMII CTO CA / Raytheon Manufacturing Chair UCLA Prof Xiaochun Li to Advisory Board

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We are delighted to be working with the City of San Leandro on the shared mission of economic development, civic engagement, and innovation in the bedrock manufacturing industry to achieve a smarter more interconnected smart city network.

SyncFab Co., a leading business-to-business procurement and supply chain management platform for precision parts production, announced the addition of UCLA Raytheon Manufacturing Chair Professor Xiaochun Li to its advisory board. SyncFab also announced a service agreement with the City of San Leandro, in partnership with San Francisco, Oakland, and the West Sacramento STIR program, to continue building a supply chain platform for manufacturing procurement from domestic factories.

San Leandro, the “City that makes things,” is factory hub to the San Francisco Bay Area. Deborah Acosta, Chief Innovation Officer of San Leandro, commented, “We are excited to be working with SyncFab to grow our local economy together and to benefit the manufacturing community. By incorporating blockchain technology into their procurement platform, SyncFab took a technology solution we already liked and made it even better.”

SYNCFAB CEO, Jeremy Goodwin, said, “We are delighted to be working with the City of San Leandro on the shared mission of economic development, civic engagement, and innovation in the bedrock manufacturing industry to achieve a smarter more interconnected smart city network. By connecting regional purchase managers with those manufacturers with underutilized capacity, we can make factories more accessible and productive.”

The company also added Professor Xiaochun Li to their advisory board. Professor Li is the Raytheon Chair in Manufacturing Engineering at UCLA Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is also CTO, California Smart Manufacturing Center, US Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, for which SyncFab is an industry partner.

“We are delighted to be working with the CTO of Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute part of NNMI, and UCLA Raytheon Manufacturing Chair Prof. Xiaochun Li,” noted Goodwin. “Professor Li helps us work with the federal partnership to analyze data shared in confidence by manufacturing industry giants as well as small and medium-sized manufacturers.”

SyncFab is launching a Utility Token Sale (Token Sale) campaign for the MFG Ethereum token to incentivize working class manufacturers. Using the forthcoming utility token initially incorporated with SyncFab’s manufacturing procurement platform, supply-chain purchase managers, CNC machine shops, and third-party product and hardware design firms will be able to more conveniently source domestic precision parts manufacturing. SyncFab recently announced the launch of its redesigned state-of-the-art SyncFab platform, featuring mobile access, optimized page load time, robust search function, more streamlined order flow, digital inspection report, and online payment. Following the Token Sale, the company plans to develop and implement blockchain protocol technology further improving operational efficiencies with increasingly secure transactions using smart contracts on the company’s fast-growing network along with network adoption partners. Token Pre-Sale registration is now live for the anticipated Private Presale Event beginning November 15. For more information on the MFG Token Sale, please visit or join the company’s Telegram discussion channel on

About SyncFab
Founded in 2013 and now headquartered in Silicon Valley, SyncFab is an active provider of best-in-class low-cost precision parts production solutions to supply chain buyers and domestic manufacturers. The company is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with blockchain to incentivize the blue collar working class for time they’re currently not compensated for while improving responsiveness for small and medium-sized hardware buyers. The platform matches industrial parts purchasers with a growing network of machine shops and advanced manufacturing facilities mapped by who is local and who is clean – an ISO 50001 US DOE certification for efficient energy management. SyncFab’s state-of-the-art B2B ecosystem enables sustainable local advanced manufacturing economy by allowing buyers to procure, manage, and track parts production online. The ecosystem makes local production more desirable and profitable and makes procurement bidding processes more transparent through the power of the Internet, blockchain, and online payment. SyncFab collaborates with federal and municipal government initiatives in public-private partnerships to advance civic innovation and economic development. For more information on SyncFab, please visit for information on the Token Sale visit

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