SymSoil, Inc. Accrues Benchmark Angel Investor

United States, California, Santa Rosa – 04-17-2019 ( — Fastest Growing Agri-restoration Company Expanding

SymSoil, Inc., an agri-restoration leader in developing biological soil amendments is pleased to announce a milestone 10th Angel Investor. CEO Elizabeth Pearce said, “Announcing Angel Investors is not generally Press Release notable. But, as we get closer to this round’s goal of $1.5M, our team is fully realizing SymSoil is not just a giant science experiment. We are poised to advance our hub and spoke operations throughout California and grow SymSoil to the decisive eco-ag disruptor we know it will be.”  

Matt McNallan of Colorado added his vote of confidence by securing his place in SymSoil’s legacy. He is by trade analytical. He is an SQL DBA Specialist.  
Professionally, Mr. McNallan has had inside looks at regulatory and food issues having created databases for watershed applications at the USDA.   He also has worked with some of the finest traditional health care organizations in the country including DaVita Kidney Care and Mayo Clinic.  
Understanding natural resources, the food chain supply line, and health care, Mr. McNallan feels his investment in SymSoil is aligned with potential to have a dramatic and positive impact on each of these industries. He says, “There is a lot of excitement for this company.  It’s not just about returning tokens to the bank. Correcting historical choices regarding the environment and human health, SymSoil’s dedicated and talented leadership is unmatched.” 


About SymSoil ®, Inc.

A California “B (Benefit)-Corporation” has the first patent-pending scalable solution to restore indigenous crop-specific and regional soil-specific microbes. Its premier Robust Compost significantly and cost efficiently increases nutrient density and crop yields. SymSoil® Inc. holds an interdisciplinary collaborative approach utilizing corporate, community, academic and public research partnerships in bringing its innovative products (Robust Compost), services (Best Practice Certifications) and consulting business streams to market. 

For more information contact: Jill Shestokas, at 312-804-3304.  Additional information can be found at

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