Supreme Performance Chip Review – a review and analysis of the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 obd device

United States, New York, New York – 03-21-2019 ( — Through a randomized study conducted by Automotive Review, the performance module Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 received glowing reviews across the board from a survey which asked over 800 individuals who ordered and used the performance chip in the past.

We selected our surveyed individuals randomly from a list of previous sales records obtained through the help of our local assistant editor, Dave Edinal.

“It gave my Subaru Outback a nice boost in power and felt like it idled and shifted smoother too.” Said Tom R. from Sarasota, FL.

“To be honest I had my doubts, but I was pleasantly surprised. My car feel a lot faster and feels like it doesn’t have to work as hard” Said Catherine G. from Arlington, VA, while referring to her 2018 Chevrolet Spark.

“I feel like I have a brand new car again, its so smooth and the gas pedal responds instantly without any hesitations like before. From 0 to 60 I think I am almost one second faster.” Explained Harri C. from Reno, NV about his 2014 Dodge Challenger.

Overall, the survey uncovered a general satisfaction with the performance chip as well as the service experience with the company in question, Great Lakes Auto Corp. When asked about customer service we found that the experience was very well received and happy to offer additional services at no additional cost.

“Those guys are pretty cool and down to earth, they did some research to help me build my modded Focus ST.” Said Jax B. from Irving, TX.

Rylee C. from Des Moines, IA commented “The customer reps were always super helpful and would always respond quickly to any questions I wrote in to them. The rep named Evan was also really polite and took the time to explain everything step by step.”

The survey also looked into reliability of the chip and found that there were was only a negligible number of cases and a majority of those cases were inflicted by the survey taker. We should also note that the company offers a lifetime warranty on their products and from our survey, they have always honored that claim without question.

Roberta H. from Madison, WI praised “I had a small problem with spilling coffee on my chip and the customer rep took care of me pretty quickly and had a new chip in my hand about in about a week.”

When asked if there were any issues with the chip and compatibility or issues in general with their car after installing the module we were unable to find a single claim of issue after installing the chip. On the contrary, we found that the vehicles which were reported to exhibit issues with maintenance began performing more reliably with fewer issues caused from maintenance negligence.

Overall the survey was positive, both for the performance chip and the company experience as a whole.

We are currently conducting another survey on a different company and their well known performance chip which has recently been scrutinized for its report of inefficiency. We project that the survey will be completed and published within the month of April.

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