SunBlock Systems Announces Enhanced Due Diligence Offering

United States, District of Columbia, Washington – 04-30-2019 ( — SunBlock Systems, Inc., a leading cyber security, digital forensics, and business investigations and litigation support consulting firm is pleased to announce that it now offers an enhanced due diligence product for integrity vetting purposes.

“With the increased interest by anti-corruption authorities throughout the world and the proliferation of cross border deals, the need for more conprehensive and reliable integrity vetting is more critical than ever,” said Chris Marquet, President of Investigative Services at SunBlock Systems. “Whether it be for a corporate financing, M&A transaction, new C-suite personnel or review of opposing parties, we are able to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable vetting of key individuals and entities available,” continued Marquet.

SunBlock’s enhanced due diligence relies on a combination of smart technology, deep and dark web monitoring and more than 30 years of investigative skills by team members. “We’ll consider methodologies that utilize artificial intelligence once we’re comfortable they augment the results we currently produce for our clients. Changing times require us to change, also,” said Andrew Levetown, President of SunBlock,

“One of the key factors distinguishing SunBlock from other integrity diligence providers is not only the high technoloogy tools we employ to mine, aggregate and relate data, but the experience our experts bring to every engagement. There is no substitute for the human judgement factor in assessing integrity issues. Combined with state of the art information gathering techniques, SunBlock’s Chris Marquet and Andrew Levetown have extraordinary experience in assessing people,” said David Sun, CEO and Founder of SunBlock.


About SunBlock Systems, Inc.

SunBlock Systems specializes in providing digital forensics, cyber breach investigations and litigation-related technology services.  Established in 2002, SunBlock is growing rapidly, and is positioned to create the leading NexGen global security and intelligence firm with the ability to protect clients’ key assets and further their business interests in both the cyber and physical worlds.  To learn more, visit

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