Strahan Cain Announces an Increased Demand in Legal Services for Texas Oil & Gas

United States, Texas, Houston – 05-07-2019 ( — The increasing global demand for energy resources has driven U.S. energy corporations to seek outside expert legal guidance ( in efforts to maximize their industry growth. As Houston is a hub for oil and gas, Strahan Cain, PLLC, has seen an exponential increase in demand for their legal guidance, specifically outside general counsel services and mergers and acquisitions. President Trump’s initiatives to create American infrastructure projects and increase the availability of natural resources has directly impacted many Texas companies. Though the U.S. has relied heavily on OPEC’s oil supply in the past, the availability of American oil was obstructed by state bans on pipeline infrastructure and lack of effective transportation.

On April 10, 2019, at the International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center, Trump signed two executive orders intended to make it easier for companies to construct oil and gas pipelines, and make it harder for states to block pipeline construction. In celebration of his achievement, Trump said, “When it comes to the future of America’s energy needs, we will find it, we will dream it, and we will build it.” Since 2017, major pipelines like Keystone have been approved, constructed, and are now in operation, resulting in an oil and gas boom in the United States. Additionally, technological advances have facilitated oil and gas growth, creating a massive opportunity for powerhouse mergers and beneficial acquisitions. Corporations looking for profound and experienced M&A guidance ( have felt an unprecedented level of comfort, security and personal attention utilizing Strahan Cain. “We are committed to providing excellence for our clients in every case, from a simplified transaction to complex mergers and acquisitions.

Though the energy industry may present opportunity, we take time with each client to ensure we’ve created the most valuable and successful outcome possible,” said Keith Strahan, managing partner at Strahan Cain. *About Strahan Cain, PLLC.* Strahan Cain, PLLC (, is a Houston-based business law firm providing top-notch legal services to growing companies in a variety of industries throughout Texas. Their innovative and customized legal approach has benefited many companies through outside general counsel, mergers & acquisitions, business transactions, and litigation. Experts in corporate compliance, risk management, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, they are here to help build companies and sustain their dreams every step of the way.

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