Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper Solves Yoga’s Dirty Little Secret this Holiday Season

CHARLOTTE, NC – 11-23-2018 ( — Earlier this year, a study citing the excessive number of germs associated with yoga mats created a buzz throughout the fitness community. Soul Seal, the brand behind the Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper, which was successfully funded through a month-long Kickstarter campaign in 2018, is pleased to offer the company’s signature product as the solution to the problem this holiday season. 

The study, which was performed by, found that communal yoga mats offered by studios, especially those used in hot yoga classes, are contaminated with eight times more germs than a toilet seat. The Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper tackles that problem by utilizing anti-microbial, odor-resistant silver ion technology that is machine washable and easy to line dry. Additionally, the Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper is made of a soft, woven fabric that employs a non-slip component that keeps the mat in place and allows the user to maintain a solid grip throughout their flow. 
As the winter months’ approach, and flu season sets in, the holidays mark a time when germs become more prevalent. These germs seem to arrive when many health-conscious people are setting goals for the new year, and spending more time in stuffy gyms and studios that prime the immune system for battle. “Our mat toppers make a great gift on three levels,” noted Mason, “They are the perfect upgrade to any yoga practitioner’s repertoire; they help keep the gifted healthy at the macro and micro levels, and each mat topper is adorned with an original vintage art design that holds sentimental value.”
Like yoga itself, the Soul Seal Yoga Mat has a rich history that stems from long before Soul Seal was incepted. After the death of her mom, Mason’s dad shared her mother’s school books from Germany with her. “Every page has beautiful details of hand-drawn borders. I decided then, that I would find a voice for her amazing talents. So, the designs you see on all Soul Seal Yoga Mat Toppers are original Ursula Mason designs,” Mason reveled.  Soul Seal Yoga Mat Toppers are currently available in six colors, and retail for $99.95. The company also offers branded merchandise, like t-shirts and hats through its website.
Interested parties can learn more by contacting Vicki Mason at (704)421-0421 or [email protected]. About Soul Seal Soul Seal was founded in 2018 to solve the dilemma so many yogis face: the dirty mat. With the company’s inception came the Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper, which gives yoga practitioners a washable, easy-to-grip, soft-to-the-touch mat topper that repels odor and bacteria – making every yoga session more satisfying, and less smelly. Each Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper is created in North Carolina, and features an Ursula Mason original design. Start practicing cleaner yoga at

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