Solar Power Whole Home Energy Systems Debut at Norwall

UNITED STATES – 01-13-2021 ( — Clean Energy Systems at Norwall Fulfill the Promises of Solar Minus the Limitations

Norwall PowerSystems added the Generac Clean Energy system to their product lineup starting January 1, 2021 according to Norwall News—Generac PWRcell Delivers Whole Home Solar Power. The Generac Clean Energy System delivers power to the main circuit breaker panel. Energy from solar panels powers the home and charges battery storage. A single inverter (most systems use two) with integrated power management and home energy monitoring handles charging the battery cabinet and converting power for use throughout the home.

On its news site, Norwall states “Homeowners need an environmentally friendly whole home power solution, not just a few circuits. Generac PWRcell delivers on the promise of solar with energy from the sun to power your whole home and use less energy from the utility.” 

Travis LaVallie at Norwall said, “We couldn’t be more excited about a new product line. PWRcell from Generac easily scales from 9kWh to 36kWh of usable energy and runs your air conditioners and other heavy loads if you need them.”

Unlike the competition, Generac PWRcell from Norwall delivers the promise of solar without the limitations of sub-panels or system shutdowns during an outage. Generac Power Cell versus the Competition

The PWRcell Inverter charges the battery from the Solar Panel Array or from the grid. Power from the inverter feeds the main circuit breaker panel, a major departure from other systems that only feed subpanels. To keep power on when the grid is down, the PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch seamlessly islands (disconnects) from the grid while the system supplies power from the Solar Array during the day and from the batteries at night. The ATS includes power management for up to four air conditioners.

Smart Management Modules turn other heavy loads on and off or lock out unnecessary loads. While the air conditioner runs, the system might shut off the electric water heater until the A/C stops. Other systems shut off the water heater and won’t it run until grid power returns. Prioritized power management controls up to four air conditioners plus eight additional loads.

Norwall details the Generac PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System on their website.

Norwall PowerSystems ( enters the Clean Energy market with a flexible and scalable system to reduce energy costs and grid reliance while enabling homeowners to manage energy use. Established in 1997, Norwall has over 23 years of experience in the backup and emergency power market and has shipped a quarter million generators.

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