Software Engineering Blooms in Dayton

United States, Ohio, Troy – 04-08-2019 ( — On 1 April 2019, Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC, a new software engineering and defense consulting company in Dayton, Ohio, announced their intention to address what they see as a deficiency in high-end software engineering services in the local defense market. With a focus on providing provide scalable software engineering services in fields such as mission systems, modeling and simulation, machine learning, and automation; HCG recognizes that their clients require software that rejects out-of-date computing practices and legacy mindsets. Hellebore Consulting Group co-founders John Farrier and Daniel Squibb have been focused on providing software engineering services for defense clients for over 20 years. HCG believes this depth of experience and a fresh new vision will help their clients break out of their cumbersome coding practices and start truly engineering software to scale.

Hellebore Consulting Group is an Agile software house from the ground up.  A recent publication from the Department of Defense urged the government to use increased vigilance to “detect software projects that are really using agile development versus those that are simply waterfall or spiral development in agile clothing.”  HCG sees Agile as a philosophical approach to be used to engineer solutions for their clients.Mr. Farrier has decades of high-end software development experience within the Department of Defense and has designed Hellebore to provide true leading-edge software engineering services to customers: “I believe that we are all inherently inquisitive and that we naturally strive for excellence. Hellebore is starting with a culture and expectation of integrity, agility, radical transparency, and curiosity that will give our customers a step-up in their technical pursuits.  We can help our clients address their software performance, scalability, and maintenance requirements, which is a challenge that many companies simply cannot adequately address.” Looking to set a new bar for software engineering services, Hellebore Consulting Group has already attracted attention from several groups at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Hellebore is launching operations with a valuable portfolio of funded projects and looks to steady future growth as a testament to the vibrant technology base in Dayton, Ohio.

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Company Name: Hellebore Consulting Group, LLC.
Full Name: John Farrier
Phone: 9378310638
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