Snow Control Service Launches in Manchester, Tennessee

Snow Control Service, a company offering rock salt and other anti-icing products and equipment, recently launched in Manchester, Tennessee.

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2017 13:14 EDT

Snow Control Service, a company powered by Premier Lawn Care, has recently launched in Manchester, Tennessee. Since the launch of Premier Lawn Care in 1994, the main company became the premier outdoor property maintenance company in Tennessee. The company specializes in commercial, industrial and corporate accounts. After a few years, Premier Lawn Care started offering snow removal services. The demand for the service quickly grew and the company decided to launch their new company — Snow Control Service. The launching of the new company has become a leverage toward their goal of being recognized as the top snow removal company not just in Tennessee, but throughout the country. 

According to founder Brandon Imhoff, the launch of Snow Control Service will allow them to “pass the savings of related products onto fellow contractors in the snow removal industry.” On Snow Control Service’s website, prospective clients will be able to search for the products and services that the company offers. As clients browse through the website, they can check product information, contact the company or place an order. By having a website, Snow Control Service aims to streamline the ordering process and save their clients valuable time.

When asked about their unique selling points, Brandon humbly shared: “I wouldn’t say we have unique selling points. We are just a straightforward company that has been in the snow removal business for 20-plus years. We have been there, out in the cold, long days and nights just like fellow contractors and know what it’s all about. I guess that could also be what makes us unique.” He added that they are more than just a company that sells ice melting agents. They have been and continue to be on the frontlines fighting snow.

Rock salt (Halite or NaCI) is one of the main ice melting agents that the company offers. With a few people worried about its possible effects on sidewalks, curb stops and other concrete surfaces, Brandon shared that Snow Control Service offers other types of ice melting agents that are suited for various types of application. When asked for his advice for people looking for ice melting agents, he also stated that clients should always shop around and thoroughly check what each company can offer. People should look into the timely delivery of the product, the urgency of the delivery that the company can do, as well as the variety of products and services offered by the company. Clients should also understand the type of products they are looking for and if it is the right product for the application. Brandon recommended that people should use one company rather than having to order from multiple companies. “Purchasing from a reputable supplier that is also in the snow removal business should give you some peace of mind.” Brandon Imhoff added.

For more details on Snow Control Service, visit their website at

Snow Control Service
1866 Old Tullahoma Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355
+1 931-954-5545

Source: Snow Control Service

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