SKILLS Global Gives Software to Schools in Hurricane Areas to Help Students Cope

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2017 17:18 PDT

Harvey, Irma, and Maria – more than just names. They conjure painful memories, thoughts of loss, displacement and the glimmer of hope in the display of selfless acts of kindness by our friends, strangers and neighbors.

August and September were difficult months for millions of Americans dealing with devastating winds and catastrophic flooding. Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico have had to pick up in the tragic aftermath. SKILLS Global is providing a free cloud-based product to help students in schools in these hurricane-impacted areas.

The trauma inflicted upon the American people affected by these natural disasters will take many years to heal. Adults are better equipped than children to process the emotions of despair, stress and sadness. Traumatic events can cause invisible scarring that manifest in children by temper tantrums, feeling numb, withdrawal, nervousness and the inability to sleep alone at night. These traumatic experiences can be extremely hard to cope with.

“We are educators first, with a passion for helping children,” says Eliana Ferreira, CEO of SKILLS® Global. “As a company, we want to offer what we can to help students and their families.”

Eliana Ferreira, CEO

So what is the solution when you have a child acting out, or worse – thousands of children trying to understand why they have been uprooted from their homes and lashing out with challenging behavior?

Teachers, counselors and school psychologists are scrambling to help these students. But are they well-equipped? Implementing the proper strategy and solution is key to steering these children in the right direction.

With the proper tools to help, maladaptive behavior from traumatic experiences can be handled with care and positive reinforcement.

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) software created by SKILLS® Global has been used to help special needs students. SKILLS® Global, which created The Skills® BIP software, announced they will provide this for free to hurricane-impacted schools for the remainder of the school year. 

“We are educators first, with a passion for helping children,” says Eliana Ferreira, CEO of SKILLS® Global. “As a company, we want to offer what we can to help students and their families.”

SKILLS® Global has made it a mission to support all children in need. Skills® BIP Builder is the ultimate tool for efficiently treating challenging behaviors. BIP Builder uses evidence-based practices and implements multiple intervention procedures. BIP Builder will be a powerful and effective tool for teachers, counselors, social workers, and school psychologists to help children face this new reality in their lives.

Educators and district staff such as school psychologists or counselors who want to get the software from SKILLS Global to build Behavior Intervention Plans may apply for it at DigitalWish:

Source: SKILLS Global

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