SheSoft Announces 2018-19 STEM Championship and Conference for 5th – 8th Grade Girls

OAK HILL, VA – 02-12-2019 ( —

– All Girls Innovator and Technologist Award Championship and Conference

SheSoft announces all girls, 5th through 8th grade or home equivalent, to participate in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Innovator and Technologist Championship to become SheSoft Champions (semifinalists) and attend the SheSoft Conference in June 8-9, 2019. SheSoft is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to “Promote building software applications in young girls to bridge the gender gap in technology.” SheSoft is dedicated to bridging the gender gap in technology by empowering young girls in upper elementary and middle school ages through seminars, webinars, workshops and software application competitions. “STEM Innovation and Technologist Championship and Conference like this are critical to bring more girls into STEM in young age, especially in technology, to bridge the gender gap” said Kirthi Kumar, Founder & CEO of SheSoft. “I appreciate these young girls and their parents for taking their step forward in embracing STEM to create the future women leaders in Technology.”

The announcement is the second annual championship and conference for all girls the chance to experience innovation and technology championship. Girls must participate in the “Innovation Award” by providing their specific interest in STEM, picking their women technologist and describing her impact, explaining how and why they would solve a problem in their local/global community using technology. They need to pick a technology (gadget/concept) and explain its impact and their experience in technology. Optionally, girls can participate in the “Technologist Award” by designing a software application (App) that solves/helps to solve a global/local community problem along with a project report. The championship application is now open and closes on May 01, 2019.75 Semifinalists (teams/individuals) and their one parent/guardian who gave encouragements can attend the SheSoft Conference by invitation in the Washington DC Metro area. Please register at SheSoft Championship and be a part of SheSoft mission in bridging the gender gap in technology. These semifinalists will work with mentors and build their ideas into real solutions using technology at the conference, attend educational workshops and have an opportunity to present their findings with their mentors and peers. They will have the opportunity to meet women leaders in technology and listen to inspiring keynotes along with a research and development site visit.

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