SensorInsight Launches Its Sensory Pilot Program for In-Home Resident Monitoring

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SensorInsight @Home is designed to be an easy process to ensure residents and their caregivers get the most benefit from this program,” said Joey Bernal, co-founder and President of SensorInsight.

SensorInsight®, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, announces the launch of its new Sensory Pilot Program, SensorInsight @Home (at home) for residences as an in-home IoT monitoring system.

SensorInsight, a leader in the emerging field of IoT, is offering this pilot IoT solution to residents who are aging in place within the home, or those that require additional monitoring of their environment. The solution is based on environmental sensor deployments such as those used to detect potentially hazardous conditions in urban areas, schools, hospitals, and factories.

“SensorInsight @Home is designed to be an easy process to ensure residents and their caregivers get the most benefit from this program,” said Joey Bernal, co-founder and President of SensorInsight. “We believe that this pilot validates our mission to provide meaningful change to communities, families, farms, and businesses with real-world solutions, measurable values, at a reasonable price.”

SensorInsight @Home provides discreet sensors which are placed around the home to monitor the environment and occupant’s activities. Sensor data baselines are determined specific to each occupant and their lifestyle. Machine learning is then enabled to look for anomalies and provide alerts when changes in activity or unsafe conditions occur. Interaction with the system can occur through the web, on mobile and voice commands to Amazon’s Alexa.

The SensorInsight @Home team is working with State Agencies to identify candidates and then perform a simple assessment to insure there is a good fit for the program and the selected residents can benefit from this technology. Sensors are then configured and tested at SensorInsight offices before another appointment is made to visit the home and perform the installation. The hardware is then put in place by professional installers who cause minimal disruption in the home. Additional in-home training is offered to get maximum benefit from the program. The pilot program is designed to learn what works most efficiently so that everyone can benefit from this technology in the home.

“We are committed to laying the groundwork of IoT and working to deliver a seamless customer experience from hardware configuration and installation all the way to visualization and analytics of your environment.” Bernal said. “We are pioneering the way in IoT leadership for creating smarter solutions now and for future generations.”

About SensorInsight

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SensorInsight® creates and markets an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform designed to provide insight across specific domains, including agriculture, energy and utilities, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and smarter cities. The platform works by providing deep analytics and complete access to an organization’s existing data systems in real-time. SensorInsight® industry packs provide tailored domain specific reports, alerts and analysis based on common issues for a particular industry.

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