RRdesigns561 on Etsy Provides Custom Home Decor and Gifts by Leesa Jo Schenk

Leesa Jo Schenk’s Etsy shop is full of handmade originals and vintage finds.

Press Release updated: Oct 26, 2017 02:00 EDT

RRdesigns561 is years in the making for Leesa Jo Schenk. Owning her own gift shop and sharing her talents in handmade gifts has been something she had dreamed of doing for a long time. Now, her RRdesigns561 shop on Etsy is thriving. Schenk even had a recent order from a pillow company that ordered one of her pillows. Her shop features a variety of gifts from clothing and jewelry to baking items and home décor. 

“I love designing luxury and novelty gifts and original clothing for my customer base,” says Schenk. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. There’s something for everyone in my Etsy shop. I really believe in doing all things with excellence, and that’s reflected in my work.” 

Turning into Fall, Schenk has some great items available for the season. One of them is a bold orange and bamboo three-tier beaded necklace. It’s bright and bold and a statement piece for any woman. Schenk also offers specialty gift baskets. In her Delicious Specialty Desserts Gift Basket, she provides a one to three pounds cake, one dozen hickory smoked butternut ball cookies, and a half pound of old-fashion peanut butter fudge. The basket also includes a double acrylic photo frame with card and comes wrapped in a clear bag with a bow at the top. Schenk also offers free shipping within the United States on many of her items.

To learn more about Schenk and her passion for making homemade gifts as well as shop her store, visit RRdesigns561 on Etsy

About RRdesigns561

RRdesigns561 is the Etsy Shop of Leesa Jo Schenk. Her unique gift emporium is a reflection of her own personal designs that she shares with her customers across a broad range of products. For more information, visit RRdesigns561 on Etsy.  

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