Report from Platinum QDAO Engineering: Next-gen cryptocurrency exchange BTCNEXT lists CraftR token

Singapore – 05-18-2019 — BTCNEXT, the next generation cryptocurrency exchange is listing CRAFTR, the token of one of the most promising projects in recent times. BTCNEXT is already making waves within the crypto community with its state-of-the-art features and is getting many listing requests from reputed projects. The team of BTCNEXT is known for its strict due diligence in choosing the best projects for listing, so as to provide excellent trading opportunities to crypto enthusiasts. The team has zeroed down on CraftR after assessing its credentials. The CRAFTR token will soon be available on the BTCNEXT platform for trading.

BTCNEXT is taking crypto trading to the next level!BTCNEXT is a new cryptocurrency exchange that offers value to both projects and traders. The exchange gives prime importance to security and customer support – two areas that are becoming major pain points for current exchanges. There have been numerous instances of funds being stolen from reputed crypto exchanges, all due to lax or insufficient security measures. The other problem today with crypto trading platforms is that customers are often intimidated by the UI/UX and face numerous issues. They, in turn, ask for help from the platform. However, they do not get a satisfactory resolution to their problems often or the time taken for the resolution is too long to be relevant anymore.BTCNEXT understands these pertinent problems faced by customers and it has built its architecture to address these issues. Using cutting-edge blockchain architecture, it has created advanced security systems that keep traders’ funds in safe. The exchange requires that all of its systems go through rigorous internal multi-run audits and external audits. All of its servers are located in duly certified data centers and feature the full spectrum of all required layers for digital and physical security. And their 24/7 support is ever ready to help resolve customer issues as and when they arise, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction.The easy UI and intuitive UX makes it best suited for both beginners as well as advanced traders. Currently, the exchange provides services like spot trading, margin (or leveraged) trading, OTC trading, a launchpad for IEO, advanced trading instruments and a 24/7 call center for customer support.The exchange is currently in the process of developing fiat gateways for withdrawal and deposits. It has taken all precautions to be fully compliant with all existing laws in the countries where it is operating. With a minimum charge of 0.010 as trading fees, BTCNEXT also offers VIP customers (people that deposit more than 50,000 dollars) with bonuses for withdrawals and deposits for the first six months.   What is CraftR all about?CraftR is a global decentralized P2P marketplace for creative digital assets. The platform seeks to bring creators and consumers of digital assets together. By leveraging the awesome powers and potential of blockchain, CraftR is transforming how e-commerce is being done.“We are committed to providing a secure, transparent way for people to buy and sell digital creations. And we are extremely happy to have been associated with BTCNEXT as our listing partner since we find a lot of synergies in our philosophies of providing the best to the customer,” said Mr. XYZ, ABC of CraftR.CraftR ran a highly successful ICO which it completed after raising more (5255 ETH) than its hardcap of 5000 ETH.The decentralized platform of CraftR seeks to attract freelancers, programmers, designers, musicians and other creative individuals to the spectacular world of cryptocurrencies and help them leverage its features for easily selling their digital creations. At all times, the creators are in total control of their finances without the need to trust any intermediary.  CraftR has already released its beta called VR Marketplace 2019+ which hosts a wide range of digital creative assets. It features the CraftR payment system with zero commissions. It also has a reward and referral system as well as ranking system and advertising features. The team at CraftR is well set to follow the roadmap of platform development and will soon come out with the feature-rich, fully-functional platform.BTCNEXT exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for the beginner and delivered by experts. In order to protect investors’ funds, BTCNEXT developers have implemented more than 300 security measures. In the near future, users will be able to trade over a hundred types of tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. For more information, visit theirwebsite and follow them onTwitter,Instagram,Telegram,Facebook,Medium orLinkedIn.

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